‘Breakup song master’ Taeyeon meets Hyeri, who recently had breakup
‘Breakup song master’ Taeyeon meets Hyeri, who recently had breakup
Singer Hyeri, who has recently been in the spotlight for her breakup with Ryu Jun-yeol, met singer Taeyeon, known as the 'breakup song master', on YouTube and released the song 'To.' We even participated in the ‘X’ challenge.

On the 29th, on Hyeri's personal YouTube channel 'Hyeri', a video titled '[sub] Hwon's club ep8 Taeyeon l A girl who says she will take a break but then goes on a rampage' was posted.

In this day's video, Hyeri and Taeyeon sing Taeyeon's popular song 'To. We talked about the ‘X’ challenge.

Hyeri said to Taeyeon, "There is a question that comes to me the most. I heard that only my sister did the 'To. Taeyeon asked, “You can do it. How, with you?” Hyeri nodded and answered yes.

Hyeri boasted, “I worked really hard on the choreography,” and Taeyeon danced the choreography, asking if she thought it was cute. When Hyeri cheered, Taeyeon said, "Of course I know the choreography. I know it. To be honest, I danced it a little bit by myself," and Hyeri clapped her hands and laughed.

Taeyeon then confessed her difficulties with the challenge, saying, "I've been doing a lot of challenges these days. I've been getting requests to join in. I really want to do it, but I can't memorize the choreography." Hyeri appealed to the effort she put into completing the challenge, saying, "So I practiced, too. I practiced for two hours yesterday. I picked up each item one by one. I searched for the challenge and watched it."

Taeyeon said, "I actually didn't understand what part of the challenge was fun. But these days, this is the schedule." Hyeri said, “My friends who have debuted and are active now do a lot of challenges, and fans have asked me what my seniors, Girls’ Generation and Girl’s Day, will feel like when they see them.” In response to this question, Taeyeon said, "I thought she was really smart and could memorize things well," and Hyeri said, "I thought it was a good thing I didn't do it when I was active. I'm really bad at memorizing choreography. Even when I was active, I studied the rest every time. If I had done it while I was active, I would have done something different. “I don’t think I can do it because I can’t memorize the choreography,” he said, making everyone burst into laughter.

Lee Min-kyung, Ten Asia Reporter 2min_ror@tenasia.co.kr translated by google