Hyori Lee ended up shedding tears
Hyori Lee ended up shedding tears
Hyori Lee is crying.

'The Seasons - Lee Hyo-ri's Red Carpet' celebrates its final episode with performances by Mi-jo Jung, Jay-beom Park, Jeong-hoon Choi, and AKMU, a new combination never before seen.

The 13th episode of KBS2's music talk show 'The Seasons - Lee Hyo-ri's Red Carpet', which will be aired on the 29th, will be a special 'Spring Again', where we will meet the guests we really wanted to see to commemorate the last episode. In particular, for the first time in 'The Seasons', the four former MC teams will gather in one place to share their thoughts.

Hyori Lee appeared not as the opening song 'Full Moon', which opened the 'Red Carpet', but as 'Miss Korea', which became a hot topic by singing with JENNIE, receiving cheers from the audience. Hyori Lee's performance fills the stage even on her own, exciting the audience from the moment she appears. Lee Hyori will introduce the 'Spring Again' special feature prepared for the last episode, and a cute LED screen will be prepared behind Lee Hyori introducing the special feature to provide additional enjoyment.
Hyori Lee ended up shedding tears
Hyori Lee ended up shedding tears
Jeong Mi-jo appeared as the first guest on the last episode of 'Lee Hyo-ri's Red Carpet' and received applause. Jung Mi-jo, who debuted 53 years ago this year and was the best diva in the 70s, appeared escorted by her junior Lee Hyo-ri, creating a warm atmosphere. Jeong Mi-jo prepared 'Homecoming', a song recommended by many singers including Melomance Kim Min-seok and Kyuhyun, and warmed the audience with a voice that warmed the heart just by listening. Jeong Mi-jo, who made her first appearance on KBS's late-night music program through 'Red Carpet', said, "It's almost my first time singing in front of so many young people," and said, "It's almost the first time I've sung in front of so many young people." They express their gratitude for receiving love from singers.

Next, Jung Mi-jo introduces the song 'Mom's Spring', which he sang with Lee Hyo-ri, and reveals that he first proposed a duet to his junior Lee Hyo-ri. Lee Hyo-ri said that it was an honor to duet with Jeong Mi-jo and conveyed her feelings about working together. Jung Mi-jo prepared 'Mom's Spring' with Lee Hyo-ri as the final performance, and the audience was even more moved by the two people's resonant performance with tears in their eyes.

Rumor has it that during the subsequent recording, a video of Hyori Lee shedding tears during the ensemble performance she performed with Mijo Jeong before the recording was released. After the stage with Jeong Mi-jo, Lee Hyo-ri once again expressed her gratitude to Jeong Mi-jo, saying, “I’ve been thinking about my mother a lot these days, and it was like a gift to be able to sing this song together.”

Lee Hyo-ri, who led 'Red Carpet' to many topics, expressed her feelings about the final episode, saying, "I was nervous when I first did it alone, but last week I heard it was a bit fun, so it was the last time." Hyori Lee also added, “It was a very precious stage because there was no guarantee when I would communicate as an MC, and I was very grateful.”

The final episode of 'The Seasons - Lee Hyori's Red Carpet' will be aired today (29th) at 10 PM. The next MC of 'The Seasons' is ZICO, who is recognized as a musician and producer. The first recording will be held on April 23rd and the first broadcast will return on Friday night, April 26th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google