Hye-eun sends off her daughter after 30 years
Hye-eun sends off her daughter after 30 years
Singer Hye-eun shed tears at her daughter's wedding.

In the 156th episode of KBS2's entertainment show 'Park Won-sook's Let's Live Together Season 3', which aired on the 28th, a wedding scene was revealed where Hye-eun shed tears as she let go of her daughter whom she had held for the first time in 30 years.

On this day, numerous guests came to Hye-eun’s daughter’s wedding. Singers Min Hae-kyung, Bae Cheol-soo, Koo Chang-mo, Kang Su-ji, Noh Sa-yeon, Lee Hong-ryeol, Lim Ha-ryong, and Choi Soo-jong sent congratulatory messages.

The wedding ceremony began and Hye-eun lit the flower pot and watched her son-in-law's entrance with satisfaction. However, when she saw her daughter walking down Virgin Road, she couldn't hold back and shed tears, and sobbed in Park Won-sook's arms. This was because I had to send my daughter back after 30 years.

Hye-eun said, "My feelings for my daughter are a little different from other mothers. I broke up with my first husband when she was just past her first birthday, so I couldn't raise her. I always lived thinking that I was a sinner." “Until then, all these things were going through my mind and I had mixed emotions,” he said.
Hye-eun sends off her daughter after 30 years
Hye-eun sends off her daughter after 30 years
Anecdotes from Hye-eun and her daughter's past were also revealed. Hye-eun said, "When my daughter was in kindergarten, she looked at me and asked, 'How old will I be before I can go to my mom on the bus?' “Mom, why are you getting married again?” she asked. “My mom said that if I get married, I can live comfortably without making any money, and my daughter said, ‘Then that’s great, I guess I should go.’” It was touching.

After the wedding, Hye-eun said, "The guests who came sent me their love. It was a very happy wedding. So I was really happy and felt like I was the winner."

He left a video letter to his daughter, who had been living together for the first time in 30 years but was separated again, saying, "I am so grateful and congratulations on getting married. If you two live happily and happily like that, your mom will be very happy. Congratulations. I love you."

Hye-eun married a businessman in 1984 and gave birth to a daughter, but divorced after four years of marriage. Two years later, in 1990, she married actor Kim Dong-hyun, but divorced for the second time in 2019, about 30 years later.

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