If Hong Seok-cheon picks it, it will rise… The new one pick is this actor
If Hong Seok-cheon picks it, it will rise… The new one pick is this actor
Broadcaster Hong Seok-cheon chose a new ‘one pick’.

JTBC's 'Talk Partner 25 Hours', which will be broadcast on Monday, April 1, will feature a tour of Jang Kook-young in Hong Kong, a buffet tour to Mexico and Thailand, and a LAN cable trip to Zimbabwe and Zambia. Broadcaster Hong Seok-cheon and JTBC 1st open recruitment announcer Song Min-kyo will appear as guests.

On this day, Song Min-kyo is the king of announcers and boasts extraordinary chemistry with MCs who are at the peak of their social lives. Hong Seok-cheon continues his role as a 'handsome miner' with excellent gemstone excavation skills in 'Talk Partner 25 Hours'. Hong Seok-cheon, who drew attention by revealing the 'handsome rising star' he recently discovered, is raising curiosity by saying that he devastated the studio with a firm and cool-headed evaluation when asked which of the members he would like to put in his jewelry box.

Meanwhile, in 'Talk Pa One World Exploration Life', participants go on a buffet tour to Mexico and Thailand, the countries of gourmet food. The traditional Mexican food buffet, which boasts a history of over 80 years, impresses with its seating capacity of over 1,200 and an interior reminiscent of the movie 'Coco'. In addition, Tokpawon stimulates curiosity by saying that they will even try tasting 'Gusanos de Marguey', a caterpillar dish, and 'Escamoles', an ant egg dish.

Next, we visit a buffet specializing in Kaurakkang, the national breakfast in Thailand. It is said that the shockingly cost-effective buffet, where you can enjoy about 120 kinds of Thai food for only 2,200 won, aroused the deep admiration of MCs. As it boasts an overwhelming variety of food, it is said that Jeon Hyun-moo and Hong Seok-cheon's 'delicious' food tips were constantly criticized, causing many people to burst into laughter.

In addition, there is a colorful lineup ranging from a fruit buffet where you can enjoy Thailand's tropical fruits to your heart's content, as well as dishes using fruits such as durian pad thai and durian pizza, to a buffet where you can eat all kinds of seafood as you like.

In particular, the seafood buffet, which was selected as the best restaurant by Tok Pawon in Thailand, will provide a unique view as you can enjoy fresh seafood in a special way, such as grilling shrimp directly from the tank next to the table. Expectations are growing for this broadcast, which will fill Monday evenings even more special with buffets from around the world that will delight not only your mouth but also your eyes.

JTBC's 'Talk Partner 25 Hours' will be broadcast at 8:50 pm on Monday, April 1.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr translated by google