Lee Jeong-hyeon, you are the queen of domestic affairs.
Lee Jeong-hyeon, you are the queen of domestic affairs.
Lee Jeong-hyeon reveals three healthy meals a day for her husband.
In KBS2's entertainment show 'New Release Edition' (hereinafter referred to as 'Pyeon Restaurant'), which will be broadcast on the 29th, the story of Lee Jung-hyun, an all-round goddess who always does her best for the health of her family, will be revealed. In this process, you can learn Lee Jeong-hyeon's secrets for packing delicious and healthy lunch boxes and a recipe for boneless gamjatang that can be easily made at home.
In the VCR released on this day, Lee Jung-hyun headed to the kitchen early in the morning. Next, I made 'Gold Milk', a health milk that is said to have anti-oxidant and anti-cancer effects, and shared it with my husband. Afterwards, while Lee Jeong-hyun's husband was busy getting ready for work, Lee Jeong-hyeon started cooking in earnest to pack a lunch box for her husband.
Lee Jeong-hyeon said, “(My husband) always packs a lunch for me on busy days. (My husband) was so busy with medical treatment that he could barely eat properly. I thought this shouldn't be happening, so I packed him a lunch box, but I think he ate it because of my sincerity. “That’s why we provide packed breakfast and lunch.”
These days, the breakfast box that Lee Jeong-hyeon packs every day is a ‘longevity lunch box.’ It is a lunch box filled with healthy ingredients that are known to promote longevity if eaten in the morning. Next, the lunch box included spring vegetable frying pan rice made in 10 minutes, clean and spicy Chinese-style stir-fried bean paste stew with tofu bean paste, and shrimp egg rolls with shrimp and green onions that were not only tasty but also visually appealing. A healthy breakfast and hearty lunch are ready in no time.
While the entire 'Pyeon Restaurant' family was impressed by Lee Jeong-hyun's sincerity, Lee Jeong-hyun attracted attention by delivering a lunch box to her husband on his way to work in a sweet way. It is noteworthy how Lee Jeong-hyun's husband reacted to his wife's hearty lunch box. In addition, Lee Jeong-hyeon also cooks a special gamjatang for dinner for her husband who comes home from work after a busy day.
The three meals a day that Lee Jung-hyun prepared for his family's health will be revealed on 'Newly Released Restaurant', which airs at 8:30 pm on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr
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