Adult man who impregnated middle school student turns out to be a criminal
Adult man who impregnated middle school student turns out to be a criminal
'Second generation high school moms' Marisa and Nam Yi-seul were in danger of being separated due to visa problems with their Filipino mother, Marisa. With the help of the production team, they found a way to stay in Korea by visiting a multicultural center.

In the 35th episode of MBN's entertainment program 'Adults Don't Know High School Mom 4' (hereinafter referred to as 'High School Mom 4'), which aired on the 27th, 'high school mom mother and daughter' Marisa and Nam Yi-seul, who became mothers at the age of 17 and 15, respectively, appeared to deal with various complex problems. A mother and daughter are shown confessing the conflict they are experiencing over a problem and asking for help.

In particular, the sad story of Marisa, who lost her two husbands in quick succession and was unable to return to her home country to raise her fifth daughter, Nam Yi-seul, and her newborn granddaughter, Ji-soo, was revealed, and recorded a viewership rating of 2.4%.

First, the stories of mother and daughter Marisa and Nam Iseul were revealed through a reenactment drama. Marisa, who first became pregnant at age 17 in the Philippines and became the mother of four children, came to Korea to earn money after her husband died in a motorcycle accident and married a Korean man. However, not long after giving birth to their fifth child, Lee Seul, on the way to apply for Marisa's permanent residency, her husband collapsed and passed away. Marisa stayed in Korea and worked at a chicken factory to raise her newborn child, Lee Seul. Nam Yi-seul, who became a middle school student, felt rebellious when her mother told her to "meet a boyfriend after the age of 20" and said, "I have a boyfriend who was an adult." “Wow, I crossed a line that shouldn’t be crossed,” he confessed, shocking the studio.
Adult man who impregnated middle school student turns out to be a criminal
Adult man who impregnated middle school student turns out to be a criminal
Moreover, Nam Yi-seul's boyfriend even used Nam Yi-seul's account for a crime, and because of this, Nam Yi-seul went to the police station and broke up with her boyfriend. However, after breaking up, she found out that she was pregnant, and she confessed, “I was so scared that I couldn’t even tell my mother that I was pregnant.” In the end, Nam Yi-seul suddenly hemorrhaged while pregnant and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance by her mother, who discovered it.

Immediately after, mother and daughter Marisa and Nam Yi-seul appeared side by side in the studio. At this event, Nam Yi-seul, the youngest high school mother who said, “I became a mother at the age of 15,” announced her birth by saying, “At that time, I was taken to the hospital after hemoptysis and had an emergency cesarean section,” and “I just vaguely thought I was pregnant.” “I don’t know exactly when I got pregnant because I’ve never been there,” she said.

“I will soon be entering high school, and no one will know that I gave birth to a child. “I decided to appear on ‘High School Daddy 4’ because I wanted to promote this,” he said, revealing his daily life with his mother Marisa and daughter Jisoo.

Marisa woke up at 5:30 a.m. and cooked in the kitchen. Marisa, who cooked traditional Filipino postpartum food for her daughter and prepared it for her, went straight to work at the chicken factory. Nam Yi-seul often tried to lie down while taking care of her daughter alone, causing nagging from the studio cast.

After a while, Nam Yi-seul's close sister, who was the only one who knew her secret, visited the house. In a conversation with her sister, Nam Yi-seul shocked her by saying, “The father of my child, whom I broke up with, is in prison, and he doesn’t even know that I’m pregnant.” Next, Nam Yi-seul expressed her frustration, saying, “I contacted my ex-boyfriend’s mother via messenger to let her know that she was giving birth, but she was immediately blocked. There was a barrier to communication with my mother (who is not good at Korean), so I didn’t tell her the full story in detail.” I confessed it.

As Nam Yi-seul said, the mother and daughter were in a close situation where they could hardly communicate. Then, I received a video call from Marisa’s fourth daughter, who lives in the Philippines. While talking on the phone, Marisa happily responded to her fourth daughter's request, "I need money to pay school fees," and said, "I will send you the money." Nam Yi-seul, who was listening to the conversation between the two in her room, showed great disapproval of her mother's actions of sending money to her Filipino family every month, and expressed her anger by saying, "Mom, I have to save 30 million won." It turned out that Marisa, who did not have permanent residency in Korea, only had two years left until her visa expired, and if this was not resolved, mother and daughter were in danger of being separated.

In order to obtain Korean nationality, you must have at least 30 million won in your bank balance, but Marisa, who had no extra money to support her Filipino family, sighed in pain. The studio cast was also shocked and expressed regret, saying, “That money (that her mother sent to the Philippines) was Lee Seul’s future with her mother.”

Marisa eventually sobbed, saying, “I want to go back to the Philippines, but I can’t because I have to take care of Iseul and my granddaughter.” Fortunately, they visited the multicultural center with the help of the production team. At this meeting, the person in charge of the multicultural center suggested a solution, saying, “Realistically, it is difficult to solve the nationality issue, but I think I can continue living in Korea by changing to a foreign resident visa (F-2).” However, the most important thing to obtain an F-2 visa is ‘Korean language proficiency.’

Afterwards, Marisa took a mock test, but her Korean skills were still lacking. Accordingly, as soon as Nam Yi-seul returned home, she took charge of her mother's 'Korean tutoring' and expressed her ambition, saying, "From now on, I will study hard and teach my mother diligently." He promised to be a strong supporter for his mother.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google