Jang Seung-jo caught in adultery video
Jang Seung-jo caught in adultery video
Kim Ha-neul and Yeon Woo-jin began the chase for the real culprit of the murder case.

In episodes 3 and 4 of KBS2's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Let's Get Caught by the Collar', which aired on the 25th, another truth about Cha Eun-sae's (Han Ji-eun) murder case was revealed.

On this day's broadcast, Seol Woo-jae (played by Jang Seung-jo), who was questioned as a witness by Kim Tae-heon (played by Yeon Woo-jin) regarding the Cha Eun-sae murder case, claimed that he was a victim of being stalked by Cha Eun-sae since last year. In addition, Taeheon's claim that Cha Eun-sae was pregnant at the time of the murder drew a line, telling him to go ask her sponsor.

Meanwhile, Seo Jeong-won (played by Kim Ha-neul) became even more confused by the results showing that the DNA of the fetuses in Woo-jae and Eun-sae's stomachs did not match. Tae-heon decided to investigate Eun-sae's sponsor that Woo-jae mentioned, and began to find out the whereabouts of Mo Myeong-taek (played by Yoon Je-moon), who was mentioned as a sponsor in the stock market gossip.

The next day, Jeong-won couldn't help but be shocked when news of Eun-sae and Woo-jae's dating was reported. Jeongwon, who noticed that the background in Eunsae's photo that was released together was Woojae's studio, was convinced that it had been reported by the repair technician who had requested the analysis of Woojae's second phone.

The repair technician, who lied to Jeong-won that he had failed to back up the second phone, engaged in a breathtaking chase with Jeong-won, who came to visit him. The repairman, who tried to run away when Jeong-won fell, was caught by Tae-heon, who followed Jeong-won.

As Jeong-Won and Tae-Heon interrogate him, the repairman handed over the laptop containing the stolen video of Woo-Jae and Eun-Sae. After seeing the video containing the two people's strange breathing, Jeong-won shed tears in shock, arousing the sadness of the viewers.

Jeong-Won, whose trust in her husband was broken, vented her anger at Woo-Jae, who only made excuses that it was sympathy, not love. “It’s disgusting,” she said. “To me, you are now the strongest suspect in Cha Eun-sae’s murder,” he said, then packed his bags and left the house.

Taeheon carefully examined every nook and cranny of the scene of Cha Eun-sae's death and reviewed the information he had obtained so far. While looking closely at the chandelier, he found the garden necklace that Woojae had given him as a gift. Jeongwon, who was eventually questioned as a witness, was shocked to learn that the lost necklace was at the scene of the incident.
Jang Seung-jo caught in adultery video
Jang Seung-jo caught in adultery video
In the 4th episode that followed, Jeong-won, who returned to the hotel after being questioned as a witness, looked again at the photos taken at the scene when Eun-sae's body was discovered. When the necklace was not visible even when he zoomed in on the blood all over the body, the floor, etc., Jeongwon became convinced that someone had left his necklace behind after he left the scene.

At the same time, Woo-jae stopped by the crime scene where Eun-sae was found and then headed to the neuropsychiatry department where Jeong-won goes. There, he met Yoo Yun-young (played by Han Chae-ah) and asked her to help him, creating a subtle atmosphere and stimulating the reasoning power of the hidden story between the two. In particular, the relationship between Eun-sae's older brother, Cha Geum-sae (played by Go Geon-han), and Rep. Mo Yoo-taek, who was pointed out as her sponsor, was revealed to the surface, arousing interest.

Woo-jae, who saw the news that Jeong-won was being investigated as a reference, immediately went to Tae-heon and warned him that he could not stand him touching his wife. Tae-heon confronted Woo-jae, who came to see him on his own initiative, by showing him a CCTV capture of a woman coming out of Woo-jae's studio on the day of the incident and entering the building where Eun-sae's body was found.

When the newsroom even raised the idea of abolishing the program, Jeongwon visited his father-in-law, Chairman Seol Pan-ho (played by Jeong Woong-in), who attends the same church as the CEO of the broadcasting station, and asked him to stop the abolition, saying that he would do whatever he told him to do. Accordingly, Chairman Seol protected his son Woo-jae until the case was concluded and recommended that he move into his newlywed home.

Jeongwon shocked the world by publicly apologizing to the reporters waiting in front of the broadcasting station to cover her and revealing that she completely trusts and unwaveringly supports her husband. Tae-heon, angry at her unbecoming Jeong-won behavior, went to see her and asked her if she was in a relationship with her husband. Just in time, Tae-heon discovers a photo of Cha Eun-sae's incident on Jeong-won's laptop, and even discovers a wine-colored coat identical to the one worn by the woman in the CCTV footage in the hotel's built-in closet, leading to a series of thrilling developments.

After hearing that Woo-jae had another woman, Jeong-won gathered her confused mind and returned to her newlywed home. Before leaving the house, she found an important clue while listening to the tape recorder installed without her husband's knowledge, and faced a new challenge.

At the end of the broadcast, a 'twist ending' was depicted in which Jung-won, who visited the neuropsychiatry department, discovered a wine-colored coat identical to himself while consulting with Director Yoo, amplifying curiosity about the next episode.

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