A wife in her 70s revealed that she suffered a recurrence of cerebral infarction because of her husband.
A wife in her 70s revealed that she suffered a recurrence of cerebral infarction because of her husband.
A couple in their 70s who announced separation after 42 years of marriage revealed the conflict caused by 'unreasonable sounds'.

In MBC's 'Oh Eun-young Report - Marriage Hell', which aired on the 25th, there was a story about an 'unreasonable couple', a wife who said she was tormented by her unreasonable husband throughout their 42 years of marriage, and a husband who spent 6 years in silence as every conversation they started after retirement ended in a fight. appeared.

The two met through a platoon introduction by her husband, who was a career soldier at the time, and became pen pals and fell in love. The two met in their 20s and have now become an elderly couple in their 70s. However, the two announced that they are currently separated. The wife revealed the reason for filing the story, saying, "Because of my husband's 'unreasonable comments,' we often quarrel," and, "The conflict seems to have gotten worse after my husband retired." On the other hand, the husband expressed his resentment, saying, "Even though the issue is not big enough to fight, the fight starts because my wife gets angry first." The two people predicted a fierce battle even at the recording studio, saying that each other was the cause of the fight. Dr. Oh Eun-young revealed a customized healing report for twilight couples, pointing out to his wife that 'unreasonable words' are 'unfair things she has experienced'.

In the subsequent video, the daily lives of an elderly couple who are separated were revealed. First, the daily life of my wife living in Guri, Gyeonggi-do was depicted. As it was nearing lunch time, my wife was worried about the production crew skipping meals and filming, so she served herself noodles. Dr. Oh Eun-young, who saw this, said, “My wife is a very affectionate and attentive person.” MC Park Ji-min also expressed his gratitude at his wife's warmth, saying, "This is the first time I've ever heard someone take such good care of me."

My wife, who is said to be enjoying various hobbies in Guri, finished eating with the production team and headed to a sound academy. His wife, who has 20 years of experience in singing, even showed off her hidden talent by singing and dancing on a solo stage. But even the seemingly bright wife had hidden pain. It is said that her cerebral infarction recurred due to her husband's 'unreasonable words'. Nevertheless, my wife, who was tired of the back-and-forth conversation of blaming each other, actually even released the black box video for the sake of discussion.

While the wife is enjoying her leisure time, the husband's daily life is completely different. My husband lives in Yangpyeong’s home after retiring from the National Health Insurance Corporation. My husband's day started with drinking wheat. The wife could not hide her upset at seeing her husband's daily life for the first time. Park Jimin was surprised and said, “The ratio of soju to beer is 5 to 5.” My husband starts drinking alone and sits on the sofa alone from morning to evening and watches TV all day. Accordingly, the husband said that since he and his wife often disagree, he feels more comfortable living separately, and described Yangpyeong as a 'shelter' and 'sanctuary' to avoid reality.

That evening, the wife came down to her husband’s Yangpyeong house with side dishes. The wife tried to talk to her husband warmly, but the husband remained silent the whole time. The wife confessed, "I don't have any conversation with my husband even on a regular basis," and "I've spent more time interacting with TV." In response, MC So Yoo-jin expressed her sorrow toward her husband, saying, “Please give me an answer.”
A wife in her 70s revealed that she suffered a recurrence of cerebral infarction because of her husband.
A wife in her 70s revealed that she suffered a recurrence of cerebral infarction because of her husband.
Dr. Eunyoung Oh said that the conversation between the two people had a unique characteristic. The wife analyzed that she used an unusually harsh tone of voice when talking to her husband. She explained that even stories that can be just recommended often use the “Why did you do this!” approach, so there is a possibility that the husband will feel pointed out as well. However, he advised that this is a simple problem that can be solved just by raising the ending. He explained that if you raise the end of a sentence upward, it may sound like you are really curious, but if you say it downward, it can easily lead to misunderstanding. Then, MCs Kim Eung-soo and Moon Se-yoon cheered for his wife, saying, “I think she will do well because she has a good personality.”

A wife having a conversation with her sister-in-law who came to visit the house the next day. The wife mentioned the unfair experience she suffered from her sister-in-law as a reason for being excessively angry at her husband's words. My wife confessed that even though her economic situation was not good at the time, she had lent her a large amount of money at the request of her sister-in-law. However, even after 30 years, the sister-in-law did not pay back the money, so she asked for the money, but she got angry at her, saying she had never borrowed it. She also confessed the unfortunate story of how not even her husband was on her side. In response, Dr. Oh Eun-young sympathized with his wife's feelings of injustice, saying, "Let alone the fact that I lent the money, if I were to confess that I never borrowed it, I would be embarrassed."

Dr. Oh Eun-young analyzed this incident as a problem that arose because the husband thought to himself that his wife had not done anything wrong and did not express it in words. The wife said that she must have felt guilty as if she was a 'liar' due to her husband's expression problem. He explained that the reason the wife repeatedly talks about the past to her husband is because the resentment deep in her heart over the incident at that time has not been resolved.

That evening, two people went out to eat. My wife wiped away tears, saying that she was sad that we had not been able to eat out less than 10 times in the 40 years we lived together. In response, the husband sympathized with his wife's past pain and apologized to her for the first time in 42 years of marriage. The MCs and production staff all quietly wiped away tears as they heard the heartbreaking story of the two people and the husband's sincere apology.

Dr. Oh Eun-young advised the wife to recognize the Yangpyeong house where the husband lives as the husband's territory if the couple decided to spend their twilight years in their own territory. She explained that even if she tries to nag her husband enough to silence him, she must respect and leave that space to her husband's wishes. The husband clearly apologized, but his wife's resentment was so deep-rooted that it burned every time the wound was touched, so he recommended her to understand and listen. Furthermore, she advised husbands, saying, "Rather than remaining helpless, especially those in their twilight years, they should actively prepare to live a new life satisfactorily after retirement like their wives."

In next week's trailer, which was released at the end of the broadcast, a hot newlywed couple in their 20s who got married at an early age visits 'Oh Eun-young Report - Marriage Hell'. The story of the two will be revealed on MBC's 'Oh Eun-young Report - Marriage Hell' on April 1 at 10:10 p.m.

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