Yoon So-i decides to get married in 3 weeks, "Trauma due to father's absence"
Yoon So-i decides to get married in 3 weeks, "Trauma due to father's absence"
In Channel A's 'Best Friends Tocumentary - Table for 4' (hereinafter referred to as 'Table for 4'), which airs today (25th), Yoon So-i, an actress with a knack for acting in everything from action to melodrama, appears as the main character.

Yoon So-i, who is raising a 28-month-old daughter after marrying musical actor Jo Seong-yoon in 2017, announces her current situation by revealing for the first time the duplex house she currently resides in. Yoon So-i wanted to create a meaningful place for her husband, Cho Seong-yoon, a musical actor who worked tirelessly. We invite actor Kim Na-woon, our best friend of 6 years through dramas, and actress Park Jin-hee, our friend of 18 years, who is our parenting classmate and senior in life.

On this day, for the first time, 'Table for Four' features a generous meal prepared by close friends. Kim Na-woon, who is famous for his taste in the entertainment industry, and Park Jin-hee, a 9th dan Salim student, rolled up their sleeves for Yoon So-i. In particular, Kim Na-un, a master cook, brings shabu-shabu and black sea bream sashimi using seasonal cockles, as well as dried salmon rolls and steamed oxtails, as well as various sauces and cooking utensils. Next, Jinhee Park prepares japchae and soybean paste stew. It raises curiosity about the reason for preparing food for the main character along with the anticipation of a prize prepared by best friends.

The couple, Yoon So-i and Jo Seong-yoon, confess their love story from their first meeting until they became lovers, and their inner feelings at the time. The two became friends through Yoon So-i's social media contact after graduating from college and were comfortable enough to give each other dating advice. Jo Seong-yoon confesses that he even gave dating advice to fellow actor Ji Chang-wook, saying, “At some point, I started thinking about my wife at night.”

After receiving his confession, Yoon So-i started dating with a light heart, but she also reveals the inside story of how she fell in love with her husband Jo Seong-yoon to the point where she decided to get married after three weeks. Yoon So-i, who checked her husband's cell phone due to the trauma caused by her father's absence, said that her trust has become stronger now thanks to her husband Cho Seong-yoon, who understood and embraced her, and her close friends' reactions were said to be enthusiastic.

Cho Seong-yoon confessed an anecdote about his father's regret as he signed the consent form when he volunteered to be deployed to Iraq for economic reasons, and Kim Na-un said that he had been the head of the household since his debut due to the bankruptcy of his father's business, and that he worked until 2 a.m. even on the day of the wedding. He revealed that he did it. She even reveals the story of her recent mental hardship due to her husband's battle with pancreatitis, creating a feeling of regret.

‘Best Friends Tocumentary Table for 4’ airs every Monday at 8:10 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google