Kim Nam-joo exposes her husband Kim Seung-woo
Kim Nam-joo exposes her husband Kim Seung-woo
Actress Kim Nam-joo revealed her husband Kim Seung-woo's personality.

Kim Nam-joo appeared as a special MC on the SBS entertainment show 'My Little Old Boy' (hereinafter referred to as 'My Little Old Boy'), which aired on the 24th.

On this day, Kim Nam-joo appeared on SBS for the first time in 25 years. He, who was also a member of the 4th generation of SBS public recruitment talent, joked, "I am the daughter of SBS, and it has been such a long time since I came here. I feel sad."

When asked that her husband Kim Seung-woo is the reason for many box office hits such as 'Queen of Housewives', 'You Who Rolled in the Vine', and 'Misty', Kim Nam-joo said, "As a mother of two children, I don't read the script very often when it comes to me. But my husband reads it first. “After watching it, I recommended ‘Misty.’ The same goes for this work,” he said. Seungwoo Kim was not only a husband, but he was also the company president.

He also talked about Kim Seung-woo's personality. Kim Nam-joo said about Kim Seung-woo, “As good-looking and kind as he is, his real personality is,” and then said, “No,” making everyone laugh.

When Kim Seung-woo comes to the filming set, he doesn't even pretend to see him. Kim Nam-joo explained, "There was a scene where I was crying, and he came and looked at the monitor intently. He sat in the director's seat and said, 'Let's see how good he is,' and he pretended not to notice."
Kim Nam-joo exposes her husband Kim Seung-woo
Kim Nam-joo exposes her husband Kim Seung-woo
While Kim Nam-joo's nickname is 'the original sell-out girl', Kim Seung-woo was also chosen as the worst dresser. He said, “I am a person who thinks that costumes help a lot in acting, so I tend to pay a lot of attention to clothes.” “I want to decorate (my husband), but Kim Seung-woo hates nagging. I find it annoying to decorate.” “Kim Nam-joo said, ‘She dresses like that and her husband dresses like that,’” he said, laughing.

In the past, Kim Nam-joo said about her husband Kim Seung-woo's fashion in an entertainment information program, "People criticize me and ask me what I do if I'm the only fashionista."

It was also revealed that Kim Nam-joo and Kim Seung-woo's marriage was due to one of the sons of 'My Little Old Boy'. Kim Nam-joo explained that he came to Lee Sang-min's wedding, saying, "I received Lee Hye-young's bouquet."

Also, when Kim Seung-woo said that he would create an independent space, Kim Nam-joo said, "I'm very welcome," and added, "I also have my own space, right? When I read the script, I don't have my own space at home, so I memorize the script in the kitchen. I don't even have a closet, so I need my own space. “He complained.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google