Ki Bo-bae, the reason he retired after 27 years as a player
Ki Bo-bae, the reason he retired after 27 years as a player
Former archery player Ki Bo-bae revealed the reason for his retirement.

On this day, Ki Bo-bae and Seong Min-soo reveal their concerns, “My daughter has a hard time being separated from her mother. Is it separation anxiety?” Ki Bo-bae suspects separation anxiety, saying, “My daughter doesn’t want to be separated from her mother, so it’s hard for her to go to an academy or kindergarten,” while her husband, Seong Min-su, counters by saying, “It’s a common thing for people of my daughter’s age,” leading to a tense war of nerves. In response, his wife, Ki Bo-bae, confesses her frustration, saying, “I can’t communicate with my husband about my daughter’s problems, and he doesn’t seem to have any will to improve.”

Husband Seong Min-soo confesses that his daughter does not show many symptoms of separation anxiety when she is with her father or grandmother, and because his wife Ki Bo-bae started training to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics on the 100th day after giving birth, he took six months of parental leave and said He reveals that he did his best as a father, even making and feeding baby food.

Husband Seong Min-su then reveals that his wife, Ki Bo-bae, has a coercive side towards their daughter. Husband Seong Min-su suggested, “Whenever my daughter gets tired of what she is doing, let’s try something else,” while Ki Bo-bae said, “If you quit here, other kids will get ahead, but you are in that position. He confesses that he even says, “If you don’t do this, you are a loser and a loser.” In response, her husband Seong Min-su wanted to ask how he could say such harsh words to a child who could not understand the meaning of being a loser or a loser, but he did not want to make the situation worse, so he held back and said, “I am a desperate Christian, and I relieve my frustration by listening to the words of Venerable Beopryun.” He confesses.

After hearing the story, Dr. Oh Eun-young revealed some of the results of the MMPI (Multi-faceted Personality Inventory) that Ki Bo-bae had previously tested and analyzed that “Ki Bo-bae is a very practical and achievement-oriented person.” Dr. Eun-young Oh then cautions, saying, “If you treat your child with an achievement-oriented attitude, the child may not even want to start because he or she thinks he or she can’t stop even if he or she wants to.”

Meanwhile, in a video examined to analyze parenting attitudes, Ki Bo-bae sets a 5-minute timer to limit his daughter's play time, and while helping his child with homework, if the child writes an incorrect answer, he erases it with an eraser and makes the child write the correct answer. show up In response, her husband Seong Min-soo takes his daughter's side, saying, "The child will get sick of it. Her mother interferes in everything, so she can't do anything according to her own will." Ki Bo-bae does not give up his opinion, saying, "You must definitely learn when you learn." .

In response, Dr. Oh Eun-young points out, “Mom Ki Bo-bae is a timer mom who even sets the timer, even though the time she spends playing with her daughter is quite short.” He goes on to explain, “If you keep setting the timer, your child may develop an obsession with time,” and warns, “If a mother erases and corrects her child’s incorrect answers, the child may become a person who is afraid of failure.”

Next, Dr. Eun-young Oh asks why Ki Bo-bae had such a parenting attitude towards his daughter. In response, husband Seong Min-su said, “Life at the Taereung Training Center where my wife trained was like attending a military training center for over 10 years,” and revealed that his wife’s gums were sagging due to stress, showing the weight of her role as a member of the national team. In addition, the husband, Seong Min-soo, is said to have moved everyone by confessing that it was heartbreaking to see his wife amazed at seeing a giraffe for the first time at the age of 33, and shedding tears, saying, “As a husband, I want to make you feel that life after being an athlete was a truly enjoyable journey.”

Ki Bo-bae then confesses that he grew up in a poor environment due to poverty during his childhood. Although his parents supported his career as an athlete, even if it meant taking on debt, Ki Bo-bae says he wanted to succeed as soon as possible and escape the terrible poverty. Ki Bo-bae then sheds tears as he remembers the sacrifice of his mother who lived a terrible life without abandoning her children, even though she argued with her father every day to the point where the phone and rice cooker were not in good condition due to financial problems.

Meanwhile, Dr. Oh Eun-young asks why Ki Bo-bae, who has fought fiercely for 27 years, suddenly decided to retire. Ki Bo-bae hesitates for a while, saying, "This is something I really didn't want to say..." Everyone can't help but feel sorry for the words he said. It is said that Dr. Oh Eun-young gave unexpected advice, surprising Ki Bo-bae, Seong Min-soo, and the entire counseling center family.

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Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google