Kim Hae-jun surprised everyone with his unexpected singing skills.
Kim Hae-jun surprised everyone with his unexpected singing skills.
Comedian Kim Hae-jun captivated viewers with his witty remarks and unexpected singing skills.

Kim Hae-jun, armed with overflowing talent and talent, captured attention with his splendid stage and bright energy in TV Chosun's 'Mr. Lotto', which aired on the 22nd.

Kim Hae-joon, who appeared on the opening stage as a mercenary of the Golden Knights, led the exciting atmosphere from the start by performing the 'Celebrity' stage of co-stars Young-ki, Hong Yun-hwa and Psy. With his excellent rapping skills and a stage manner so skillful that you couldn't take your eyes off him, he made the opening feel like an ending, heating up the atmosphere at the scene.

Kim Hae-jun, who played an active role as the master of 'Mr. Trot 2', must have had a special reunion with TOP7. Kim Hae-joon, who faced Ji-hyun Park, the protagonist who won the first heart in the master preliminary trial, wittily declared war ahead of the match, saying, "Why do you have to beat me?" and brought laughter.

Kim Hae-jun, who went first, surprised the scene by showing off his reversal skills with Na Hoon-ah's 'Change' stage. The unique attractive voice, stable singing ability, and sensible gestures combined to create an exciting stage that exploded the dopamine of the viewers.

Not only did they show off their brilliant footwork that dominated the stage, but they also showed off their relaxed stage manners that elicited a positive response. Kim Hae-jun showed off his diverse charms on stage and foreshadowed the birth of a new sub-character.

Kim Hae-jun, who has received a lot of love as both a secondary character and a main character, continues to be active in various programs.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google