Son Tae-jin, wearing smokey + black fishnet
Son Tae-jin, wearing smokey + black fishnet
Taejin Son, Enoch, and Jeongmin Jo prove their unique class in the ‘Flaming Roses 1st Anniversary Special Stage’.

In the 50th episode of MBN's 'Burning Roses' Season 2 (hereinafter referred to as Roses 2), which will be aired on the 25th, to celebrate the 1st anniversary of 'Burning Roses', Son Tae-jin, Shin Seong, Min Soo-hyun, Kim Jung-yeon, Park Min-soo, Gong Hoon, and Enoch will join 'Rose Order'. A 1st anniversary special, King of Kings, will be held with special guests who appeared.

Son Tae-jin, Enoch, and Jo Jeong-min will show off the magic of turning a studio into an opera house on a special stage commemorating the first anniversary of 'Rose Troupe.' The three selected 'Pure Macho' for this stage, and wore the most extravagant costumes in the history of 'Rose Group', devastating the scene. Son Tae-jin shows off his fatal charm with smokey makeup and a black mesh top, Enoch shows off his wild beauty with a shirt open to the end of his solar plexus, and Jo Jung-min shows off the alluring aspect of a performer in a satin red dress.

In particular, Son Tae-jin enthuses the scene with his solemn determination for the 1st anniversary stage. Son Tae-jin completely breaks away from his previous appearance and transforms into an all-time lethal man who can handle each wave of powerful swords. In addition, Son Tae-jin dances a dual sexy dance with Enoch and engages in a fierce and crazy battle of vocal strength, eliciting the exclamation that "this is the stage power show."

Cho Jung-min appears with a grand piano, which is his first time on the 'Rose Troupe' stage, and brings a touch of luxury to the stage with his excellent piano performance, adding a final chord to the fantastic harmony of Son Tae-jin and Enoch. Meanwhile, cello Kim participates as a special guest on the stage of Taejin Son, Enoch, and Jeongmin Jo, adding a storm of performance.

The TOP 7 members and guests all “teared the stage apart” as the three people exploded with orchestra-level grandeur on the stage. They showered the audience with a standing ovation and praised the audience for “turning the studio into an opera house.” This raises curiosity about what Son Tae-jin, Enoch, and Jo Jeong-min’s ‘Pure Macho’ performance, which was overflowing with enthusiasm and emotion, would look like.

The production team said, “The 50th episode of ‘Rose Group 2’ to be aired today will feature congratulatory messages from special guests who returned to the ‘Rose Group’ stage to congratulate ‘Rose Group’ on their first birthday, as well as stars who volunteered to be ‘congratulatory delegates.’” "The top 7 'Burning Trotmen', the main characters of 'Rose Dan', who are happily celebrating their first birthday, have prepared various stages with gratitude to the viewers. Please be sure to watch the broadcast together and check it out," he said.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google