Kim Seon-ho, the story of gaining 7kg to appear on a variety show
Kim Seon-ho, the story of gaining 7kg to appear on a variety show
Actor Kim Seon-ho, who signaled his return to entertainment, revealed that he had gained 7kg.

In the SBS Plus/E Channel co-produced entertainment show 'Eat and Watch Brothers 2' (hereinafter referred to as 'Gugger Brother 2'), which will be aired for the first time at 8 pm on the 25th (Monday), the long-awaited 'Glutton Brother' first workshop will be featured before leaving for Thailand. ‘The Three Gluttonous Brothers’ Kim Jun-hyun, Moon Se-yoon, and Kim Seon-ho’s amazing chemistry unfolds.

On this day, Kim Jun-hyun and Moon Se-yoon hold a preliminary meeting with the production team ahead of the 'Chiang Mai, Thailand' episode. At this time, Moon Se-yoon, who learned that Kim Seon-ho was joining as a guest, immediately activated the 'true friend' mode and spoke directly with him. During the phone call, Moon Se-yoon even added a surprise 'entertainment test' by saying, "Try a three-line poem with 'Gorgeous type'," and Kim Seon-ho announced an unusual comeback by showing off his unexpected sense of entertainment.

A few days before leaving for Thailand, the three hold their first national 'Gorgeous Type' workshop at Moon Se-yoon's camping site. However, at this time, when Kim Seon-ho saw that unlike his fat brothers whose hips were national treasures, only his chair was size S, he started talking about entertainment, saying, “Isn’t the treatment of (guests) a little different here?” Next, the three people grilled pork belly and made Kim Seon-ho's 'favorite' tteokbokki and started a mukbang.

At this time, Moon Se-yoon is concerned about Kim Seon-ho, saying, “Actors need to take care of their bodies, but I’m worried.” Kim Seon-ho says, “I gained 7 kg to be a ‘glutton’~” and makes everyone burst into laughter with his somewhat unexpected passion. Furthermore, Moon Se-yoon jokingly said, “When you come back from Thailand, you will have to eat so much that people won’t recognize whether you are Kim Seon-ho or Kim Jun-hyun,” making Kim Seon-ho very creepy(?)

After finishing their meal satisfactorily, the three begin the unity game of ‘Speaking Thai correctly’. Meanwhile, when the question of imitating the Thai pronunciation of the sentence ‘Where is the bathroom?’ was asked, Kim Jun-hyeon, a graduate of the University of Foreign Studies, proudly took the lead. However, when Kim Jun-hyeon imitates the pronunciation, a completely different incorrect answer pops out from the translator, “Is there a place to sit?”, devastating the scene.

Finally, Kim Jun-hyun puts down a fishing pole while sitting on the toilet, saying, “This means the same thing!” Kim Seon-ho, who saw this, blurts out a word that causes everyone to bow down. / Kim Seon-ho made even the production crew fall into endless 'laughter.' While curiosity is rising about what the 'entertainment madness' will be like, they stand up to the production team(?) and work together to make the workshop feel worthwhile.

You can see it in the first episode of 'Eat and Watch Brothers 2', a jointly produced entertainment show of SBS Plus and E Channel, which will be broadcast at 8 pm on the 25th (Monday).

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google