Son Tae-jin, Shin Seong, and Enoch, final winners
Son Tae-jin, Shin Seong, and Enoch, final winners
Son Tae-jin, Shin Seong, and Enoch won the final championship of ‘Immortal Songs.’

According to Nielsen Korea, a viewership rating research company, on the 24th, the 650th episode of KBS2's 'Immortal Songs', which aired the previous day, recorded a viewership rating of 6.0% nationwide, ranking first in viewership ratings for the same time. This day's broadcast featured the second part of 'Trot Best Friends' Strongest Battle'. Na Tae-joo - Kim Su-chan, Eun Ga-eun - Kang Hye-yeon, Choi Jin-hee - Jeong Mi-ae, Hwang Min-woo - Hwang Min-ho, and Son Tae-jin - Shin Seong - Enoch went on stage one after another and performed a stage of joy and emotion.

The names of Na Tae-ju and Kim Su-chan were written on the first ball. The two people who chose SISTAR's 'Touch My Body' created a surprise just by selecting the song. The two people, who started the stage with a lot of leisure time on the podium, attracted attention with their fresh and refreshing mood from the beginning. They emphasized their differences with high-quality performances, including the point choreography of shaking the legs and the dance break. Na Tae-joo's Taekwondo choreography was added to enrich the fire.

Eun Ga-eun and Kang Hye-yeon said, “We are truly true friends,” and went on stage for the second time to sing “Eternal Friends” by Nami and the Handmaid’s Son. The two people, who seemed similar but had distinct personalities, danced like decalcomania and showed off their cool singing skills. The performance performed with drums in the middle of the stage was reminiscent of a parade and added perfection. It boasted the charm of a marching band. Eun Ga-eun and Kang Hye-yeon's charismatic choreography stood out even more.

In the first match, Na Tae-joo and Kim Soo-chan advanced to the next round with one win over Eun Ga-eun and Kang Hye-yeon. Next, Choi Jin-hee and Jeong Mi-ae stood on stage with Baek Seol-hee's 'One Spring Day Gone'. Choi Jin-hee's voice, which gave off a powerful captivating power from the first verse, touched hearts throughout the stage, and Jeong Mi-ae, who took over the baton, displayed earnest and composed emotions. Choi Jin-hee and Jeong Mi-ae performed on stage in a tandem manner, exchanging energy. The deep emotion in 'Spring Day is Gone' as they shouted while facing each other brought tears to the viewers' eyes. Accordingly, Choi Jin-hee and Jeong Mi-ae won by not allowing Na Tae-joo and Kim Su-chan to win twice.

For the fourth stage, brothers Hwang Min-woo and Hwang Min-ho performed with Su-ra Jeong's 'Joy'. Hwang Min-woo, who skillfully communicated with the audience even before the stage began, attracted attention with his fierce and powerful performance. Hwang Min-woo walked across the stage, exuding strong charisma. Hwang Min-ho's mesmerizing janggu performance in the middle of the stage drew cheers from the audience. The performance and singing that the brothers performed while making eye contact at the end of the stage was touching. Brothers Hwang Min-woo and Hwang Min-ho boasted of their deep friendship as they hugged with hot tears under the stage.

Brothers Hwang Min-woo and Hwang Min-ho, who left behind a brilliant sense of brotherhood, defeated Choi Jin-hee and Jeong Mi-ae's two wins and succeeded in winning one. Hwang Min-woo shed tears, saying, “I was upset because my younger brother got both of his hands scratched while practicing janggu, but there was nothing I could do for him.” Lastly, Son Tae-jin, Shin Seong-Enoch performed Kang Jin's 'Brush' and completed the finale of Part 2. From the beginning, Enoch's narration opened the narrative and helped immerse oneself in the stage.

As the three voices continued one after another, the harmony that harmonized separately and together doubled the emotion. Kim Jung-yeon and Kang Hye-yeon, who saw this performance, shed tears and fell into appreciation. In the end, Son Tae-jin, Shin Seong, and Enoch recorded the most votes, blocking the victory of brothers Hwang Min-woo and Hwang Min-ho, and enjoying the joy of winning in the end.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google