Park Joo-ho's son Geon-hu says to SHINee's Min-ho and Kwang-hee as gifts "I love you uncle"
Park Joo-ho's son Geon-hu says to SHINee's Min-ho and Kwang-hee as gifts "I love you uncle"
Park Joo-ho's son Geon-hu becomes a full-fledged elementary school student.

Episode 519 of KBS2's 'The Return of Superman (hereinafter referred to as Superman)', which will be aired on the 19th, is the 'We celebrate every moment together' episode and will feature narration by So Yoo-jin and actress Kang So-ra. Among them, Park Joo-ho's second son, Geon-hu, turns 8 years old and goes from kindergarten to elementary school. Geon-hoo first appeared on 'Shoodol' at the age of 2 and was loved by numerous online aunts and uncles for his shocking cuteness. The sight of Geon-hoo, who grew up learning to speak, walk, and run along with 'Shoodol' and has become a proud 8-year-old, will bring emotion and joy to viewers.

On this day, Geon-hoo prepares with his father Park Joo-ho and 5-year-old younger brother Jin-woo before entering elementary school. Geon-hoo aims to be a model physical education student by jumping rope and practicing soccer at the elementary school playground, which has a wide lawn. Geon-hoo has been interested in soccer due to the influence of his soccer player father, Park Joo-ho, but he still looks cute like a baby. However, at the age of 8, Geon-hoo is showing off his more mature skills by not only dribbling but also successfully breaking through Park Joo-ho. In the end, Geon-hoo masters the sensational shooting of his body, and the agile appearance of Geon-hoo, the soccer king whose soccer skills were upgraded as he became an elementary school student, is revealed.

Park Joo-ho unfolds a realistic school-like situation with the hope that Geon-hoo, who enters elementary school, will adapt well. When Park Joo-ho enters, Geon-hu greets him warmly, saying, “Hello, teacher.” Additionally, Gun-hoo stands in front of the church and proudly introduces himself, saying, “My name is Park Gun-hoo. I like scoring goals and playing soccer.” Furthermore, Geon-hoo eats school lunch and shows an amazing way of going from being a firm meat-eater for the past 8 years to even accepting vegetables. In addition, Geon-hoo will show off his dignified older brother by holding his younger brother Jin-woo's food tray and saying, 'I am an elementary school student.'

Meanwhile, 5-year-old Jinwoo is surprisingly transformed into a teacher, wearing horn-rimmed glasses and an arm sleeve, a must-have item for teachers. Jin-Woo knocks on the desk and says, “Sit down, Geon-Hoo,” and skillfully guides the student, giving him a sense of satisfaction. It is said that Jinwoo shows off his loveliness by suddenly writing 'kiss' on the blackboard to convey his love to the students. Geonhoo unboxes fantastic gifts, including gifts from SHINee's uncle Minho and Kwanghee, as well as a special gift from his mother Anna. Attention is being paid to the identity of the gift that led to a phone call of joy to mother Anna following "Thank you, uncle, I love you."

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google