Lee Chan-won was impressed by Taiwan's dessert hot place
Lee Chan-won was impressed by Taiwan's dessert hot place
‘Talk Pawon 25 O'Clock’ presented a variety of attractions that transcended generations.

JTBC's 'Talk Pawon 25 O'Clock', which aired on the 18th, introduced various spots that go back and forth between modernity and tradition by going to Taichung, the most up-and-coming travel destination in Taiwan, Silicon Valley in the U.S., Sri Lanka, and Seville, Spain, where you can meet global big tech companies at a glance. .

Taiwan's Talk Pawon energetically announced the start of the Taichung trip at Taichung Train Station, which resembles Seoul Station. Not only can you take a photo with the famous Iron Man at Rainbow Village, which is decorated with colorful murals, but you can also learn about the dangers and dangers by seeing the horrors of that time with your own eyes at the 921 Earthquake Education Center, which was created to remember the 921 Earthquake that occurred in 1999. It raised awareness.

Next, we visited Taichung's dessert hot place, Gungwon An, and unlike the old building exterior, the gorgeous and spacious interior aroused the admiration of the performers, including Lee Chan-won. At Fengjia Night Market, one of Taiwan's three major night markets, Taiwan's representative snacks were introduced and attracted attention, including Dachang Bao Xiaochang, which is made by splitting glutinous rice sundae and stuffing it with sausage, and Danbing, which is wheat pancakes with various toppings.

In the 'Talk Partner World Exploration Life' corner, a visit to a global company was held in Silicon Valley, USA. Talk Partner, who visited 'Company A', famous for its apple logo, heightened the excitement by sharing stories that everyone would be curious about, from salary to welfare, with an acquaintance who is an employee of the company. Talk Pawon toured the headquarters of 'M Company', a big tech company where he actually works, and participated in the third mukbang, including two meals and a dessert, at the company cafeteria where you can taste various foods from around the world, stimulating the salivary glands of those watching.

Next, we looked at the unique cultural heritage and historical sites in Sri Lanka, the jewel of the Indian Ocean. Enjoy Sri Lanka's Buddhist culture at the Temple of the Tooth Tooth and Dambulla Golden Temple, one of the world's sacred sites for Buddhism, while dizzying and mysterious coexistence occurs at Ambuluwawa Tower, located 1,100 meters above sea level, and Sigiriya, known as the 'Floating Palace in the Sky'. It attracted attention with its mysterious charm.

Seville, Spain, showcased the essence of Spanish culture's splendor and sophistication, including Plaza de España, Seville Cathedral, and the Alcazar. Travel creator Kwak Tub, who appeared as a guest that day, gave a thumbs up to the majesty of Seville Cathedral, saying that the only place he shed tears during his travels was Seville Cathedral.

On this day, the viewership rating for 'Talk Partner 25 Hour' recorded 3.5% nationwide and 3.3% in the metropolitan area (based on Nielsen Korea paid households). ‘Talk Partner 25:00’ airs every Monday at 8:50 PM.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr
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