Big Bang's Taeyang joins Teddy's 'I-Land 2' as main producer, "I want to teach identity and character well"
Big Bang's Taeyang joins Teddy's 'I-Land 2' as main producer, "I want to teach identity and character well"
CJ ENM's Mnet's new 2024 global K-pop girl group debut project 'I-LAND2: N/a' (hereinafter referred to as 'I-LAND 2: N/a') has revealed its producer and director lineup.

Taeyang, 24 (2NE4), and VVN ( Vivienne), Monica, and Lee Jeong come forward. The combination of the best talent in each field is raising expectations for the program.

'I-Land 2: N/a' is attracting a lot of attention even before the broadcast due to its fresh planning and production know-how based on Mnet's unique format and the meeting of Teddy, a world-class producer recognized by the world. With the participation of actor Song Kang as a storyteller, a top-class triangle was completed, and the best producers and directors who will complete an unprecedented collaboration were revealed through a video and poster released on the 18th.

Legendary all-rounder Taeyang will join as the main producer of 'I-Land 2: N/a'. After debuting in the group Big Bang, he is loved as an all-round artist perfect for singing, performance, and producing. He plans to work with Teddy to discover talented participants who will work as the next generation global girl group and help them grow. Through the teaser video, Taeyang expressed his candidacy as the main producer, saying, "I want to convey and teach the identity, skills, and personality that a singer can have."

24 (2Anyfour) and VVN (Vivienne), who are leading the K-pop trend with their unique style and sophisticated music, will appear as music producers for 'I-Land 2: N/a'. 24 created mega hits such as Blackpink's 'DDU-DU DDU-DU', Jennie's 'SOLO', Rosé's 'On The Ground', and Jeon So-mi's 'DUMB DUMB'. VVN also left a strong impression on the K-pop scene by working on Big Bang's 'Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter', Blackpink's 'Ready For Love', and Jisoo's 'Flower'. 24 said, "Among the 24 applicants, there is no one without star quality. The important thing is how quickly you can bring out your abilities," and VVN expressed confidence, saying, "I think a good group will be born with our special producing." revealed.

Monica and Lee Jeong, who created a dance craze in Korea through Mnet's 'Street Woman Fighter', are reunited as performance directors for 'I-Land 2: N/a'. Monica expressed her determination, saying, “In addition to technique, I want to bring out invisible things such as necessary stage control and professionalism,” and Li Jeong also said, “I want to teach people how to dance skillfully. I think the participants have infinite potential. “I think it will be fun to watch until the end,” he said, arousing curiosity.

The final 24 applicants will enter 'I-Land 2: N/a' after a large-scale global audition held in 13 cities in 10 countries. Along with general producer Teddy, who will lead the production based on his own distinct training philosophy and abundant production experience, main producer Taeyang, music producers 24 and VVN, and performance directors Lee Jeong and Monica will discover the talents of applicants with infinite and unpredictable potential. We will help you grow together. He expressed his bold ambition, saying, "I want to find the next generation that leads K-pop culture. Through this program, I want to create a color for artists that you cannot expect. Let's change the world."

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google