Yoon Tae-young opens up about inheritance worth 45 billion won
Yoon Tae-young opens up about inheritance worth 45 billion won
Actor Yoon Tae-young, son of former Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Yoon Jong-yong, reveals the enormous size of his inherited wealth.

'Strong Heart VS', which will be broadcast on the 19th, will feature the 'Nth Resurrection' special featuring Lee Joon, Lee Yu-bi, Yoon Tae-young, Lee Jung-shin, and Kim Do-hoon, the main characters of SBS' new Friday-Saturday drama 'Resurrection of the Seven', which is scheduled to air for the first time on the 29th.

Yoon Tae-young is the son of Samsung Electronics' former Vice Chairman Yoon Jong-yong, and has been dubbed a 'royal family member' and has become a hot topic due to rumors that his inherited wealth alone is around 45 billion won. He cautiously opens his mouth about the rumor that his inherited wealth is 45 billion won, saying, “I think it was the estimated amount at the time when I calculated my father’s wages and stock options.” Taeyoung Yoon then added that he did not sell a single share of stock until he retired, adding that it was probably an estimate from the early 2000s, suggesting that his current assets would have grown even larger.

MC Moon Se-yoon did not miss this and couldn't keep his mouth shut, asking, "Are they in trillions?", making everyone laugh. The size of the inherited wealth of the wealthy 'chaebol family' revealed by Yoon Tae-young will be revealed in the live broadcast.

Yoon Tae-young draws everyone's attention by revealing that he once turned down a CF offer from a large company worth hundreds of millions of dollars just out of loyalty as a member of the royal family. The reason is that in the past, there was a mobile phone advertising proposal from LG, a competitor of his father's company. He makes people laugh as he explains that he thought “my father might try to kill me” and ended up refusing after much deliberation.

However, when asked what he would do if an advertisement from LG came in again now, he responded that he would do it without a moment of hesitation, making people laugh. Taeyoung Yoon hesitates and answers honestly when asked by MCs whether he still only uses products from company S.

Yoon Tae-young confesses that he became a better person after marrying his wife, Lim Yu-jin, and shows his side as a lover without any filtering. Co-star Lee Joon reveals that Yoon Tae-young usually says that he likes his wife better than his children. Taeyoung Yoon coolly admits, “I feel anxious without my wife.” Yoon Tae-young, who hesitated for a moment, recently said, “I felt like the sky was falling,” and even showed tears as he talked about his wife’s current situation. Attention is being paid to what the story might be.

'Royal Family' Yoon Tae-young's family story will be revealed on 'Strong Heart VS', which airs at 10:20 pm on this day.

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