Was ‘Pyramid Game’ this popular? Tving ranked first in weekly paid subscriptions
Was ‘Pyramid Game’ this popular? Tving ranked first in weekly paid subscriptions
The popularity of the ‘pyramid game’ is unusual.

TVING's 'Pyramid Game' released episodes 7 and 8 on the 14th. The growth of Seong Soo-ji (played by Kim Ji-yeon), Myeong Ja-eun (played by Ryu Da-in), Lim Ye-rim (played by Kang Na-eon), and Song Jae-hyung (played by Oh Se-eun), who strengthened their faith in a crisis and were reborn as true friends, stood out. Seong Soo-ji, Myung Ja-eun, Lim Ye-rim, and Song Jae-hyung's unstoppable straight-forward approach against 'game designer' Baek Ha-rin (played by Jang Da-ah) added to the interest.

The unique world view that compares class to a game, and the confrontation between transfer student Seong Soo-ji and Baek Harin, the top of the pyramid hierarchy, increased immersion and led to favorable reviews from viewers. Accordingly, 'Pyramid Game' ranked first in the number of weekly paid subscription contributions to TVING.

In episodes 7 and 8 of ‘Pyramid Game’, Baek Harin went on a rampage. Baek Harin, who caught the weaknesses of Seong Soo-ji, Myeong Ja-eun, Lim Ye-rim, and Song Jae-hyung, induced them to betray each other. Seong Soo-ji, Myeong Ja-eun, Lim Ye-rim, and Song Jae-hyung even played a game to get F. Seong Soo-ji was confused in a situation where they had to report each other's sins to survive. However, Seong Su-ji did not give up, and the four friends, united by their faith in each other, succeeded in foiling Baek Har-rin's plan.

Baek Harin changed her target to Myung Jaeun. Baek Ha-rin, who visited Myeong Ja-eun, cut off her hair and threatened to make her do what Seong Soo-ji did if she did not return to F. In the end, Myeong Ja-eun decided to become F and began to distance herself from Seong Soo-ji.

Seong Soo-ji noticed a change in Myeong Ja-eun. Seong Soo-ji read guilt on Myung Ja-eun’s face. He said he was not afraid of anything Baek Harin did and said, “Let’s play with me.” The sight of Seong Soo-ji comforting the shaking Myeong Ja-eun was touching.

Seong Su-ji's next plan was to take advantage of the emphasis that the pyramid game was 'everyone's game'. They planned to take advantage of the fact that if the majority gave up the game, ‘everyone’s game’ would collapse. It was a sure-win strategy to eliminate the game, but it was uncharacteristic of Seongsuji in that it was a strategy that could only be successful if trust was high.

The reason why Seong Soo-ji changed her methods was because she realized that the cruel game could be ended only through Myeong Ja-eun's way of always believing in her friends. Attention is focused on whether Seongsuji's latest operation will be successful.

Episodes 9 and 10 of ‘Pyramid Game’ will be released on the 21st.

Ten Asia Reporter Lee So-jeong forusojung@tenasia.co.kr translated by google