Lee Chan-won "Be sure to contact Lim Young-woong for 'guest promise'"
Lee Chan-won "Be sure to contact Lim Young-woong for 'guest promise'"
Chan-won Lee expressed his earnest wish for the program, saying, “I’m looking forward to the regular broadcast.”

On the 18th, T-Cast E Channel's 'One Little Difference: Psychomentary (hereinafter referred to as One Little Difference)' released a written interview with Lee Chan-won. Lee Chan-won is leading the mood by showing off his high-level storytelling skills and sensible comments at the right time. Through this, he proved his outstanding talent in both 'speaking' and 'listening' and further solidified his position as an 'all-rounder MC'.

Previously, Lee Chan-won experienced the pain of the cancellation of 'Problem Son in the Rooftop', in which he had previously appeared, but thanks to that, he was able to join 'One Little Difference' and said, "There is only one difference between joy and sadness." In addition, if the program does not become a regular program and ends as a pilot, "It is unfortunate that the production team's hard work for as long as a year or as short as several months seems to have been in vain."Next is Lee Chan-won’s Q&AQ. I understand that you have completed filming all 6 pilot episodes. How do you feel?
A. Above all, the chemistry and harmony with the cast members was much better than I expected, so I ended the recording on a good note. I am eagerly looking forward to the regular broadcast.

Q. Did you check the viewership ratings the day after the first broadcast? How did you feel after checking it out?
A. I had a schedule every Thursday, the day after the main broadcast on Wednesday, so I checked the viewership ratings right away at 7:30 a.m. the next day. The first episode's viewership rating was recorded at 0.3%, so I had high expectations for the next episode's viewership rating, but I thought it was quite encouraging that the production team's target audience rating was achieved in the second episode.

Q. What was the most shocking fact or incident you learned through ‘Hankeotchai’?
A. The contents of the ‘French version of the Qing Dynasty Incident’ introduced in episode 2 were quite shocking. It was a story that was generally difficult to understand, but I remember it coming as a huge shock to me.

Q. Among the six psychological keywords, which one best expresses yourself or suits you best?
A. The keyword ‘obsession’ struck me the most. Sometimes, when I'm immersed in something, I become crazy obsessed with it, but personally, I think that a moderate level of obsession can sometimes lead to positive results.

Q. You are doing a great job as ‘Empathy Fairy’ and ‘Chanto Wiki’ in every episode. Is there anything special you prepare before recording?
A. I make sure to look up the story I will introduce through various articles and then start recording. There are times when I need additional explanation for something that is not in the script, so I tend to look it up in detail.

Q. Please tell us about ‘my true nature’ that you have newly discovered through ‘Hankeotchai’.
A. When dealing with the keyword ‘crowd psychology’, I also thought that I might be swayed by it unconsciously. So, I added my resolve to try not to be swayed by crowd mentality as much as possible.

Q. You announced that you would invite Lim Young-woong as a guest during the production presentation. I am curious what Lim Young-woong’s reaction was to this.
A. I haven't contacted Lim Young-woong yet, but I will definitely contact him once the regular broadcast is confirmed.

Q. What is the difference between Park Ji-sun, Hong Jin-kyung, and Jang Seong-gyu?
A. One difference between the three MCs and Lee Chan-won is his youth. The passion of those in their 20s will be a slight difference compared to those in their 40s.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google