Kim Do-hoon, it turns out that he was a gifted student at the science high school entrance exam.
Kim Do-hoon, it turns out that he was a gifted student at the science high school entrance exam.
It is revealed that actor Kim Do-hoon was a gifted student who aimed to enter a science high school. Afterwards, it was revealed that he entered Kaywon Arts High School at the top of his class two weeks after preparing for the entrance exam with the intention of pursuing acting.

MBC's entertainment show 'Radio Star', which will be broadcast on the 13th, will feature a special feature called 'Acting Mania' featuring Jang Hyuk, Kim Min-jae, Ha Do-kwon, and Kim Do-hoon.

Kim Do-hoon, a 9-year-old rookie actor who gained popularity for his role as Kang-hoon in Disney+'s 'Moving', enters 'Las' for the first time. He reveals his current status as he is experiencing popularity through ‘Moving’ and makes people laugh by saying, “It was a convenience store I always went to, and (a convenience store employee) asked me, ‘When did you move to this neighborhood?’”

Kim Do-hoon draws attention by revealing the behind-the-scenes story of joining 'Moving', which turned a crisis into an opportunity. After attending the script reading audition, he said, “(I was so nervous) that I dropped my hand so badly that I had to get tested for tremor at the hospital,” and appealed, “I read as Bong-seok’s character, but I think I can do well as Kang-hoon’s character.” Everyone was surprised to hear Kim Do-hoon's story that he was cast as Kang-hoon when he was resigned to not being contacted for three months.

Kim Do-hoon expressed his entertainment ambitions on this day, saying, “In terms of entertainment, ‘Las’ is a big stage, and I want to experience it well and hear people say, ‘I’m also good at entertainment.’” He said he dreams of becoming a 'post-Jang Hyuk' and revealed his kicking skills as a blue belt in Taekwondo. When Kim Do-hoon was embarrassed and frustrated after the kick, Kim Gook-jin comforted him by saying, “That’s a red belt,” making him burst into laughter.

It is said that Kim Do-hoon also attempted to imitate Jang Hyuk and G-Dragon's vocal cords on this day, and drew praise from Kim Gura, saying, "You can go somewhere and have fun for 5 minutes." He also reveals the story of how he started his entertainment career with ‘Hong Seok-cheon’s Jewel’. The day I received a DM (direct message) from Hong Seok-cheon, as if by fate, I was invited to appear on the 'Hong Seok-cheon's Jewel Box' YouTube channel. When asked about his first meeting with Hong Seok-cheon, Kim Do-hoon adds curiosity by saying, “I was disappointed, but now he said, ‘You are the first pick.’”

It is surprising to learn that Kim Do-hoon was a 'real-life model student' who loved math and science and studied with the goal of entering a science high school. Because of the stress of studying, he gave up taking the entrance exam to a science high school and decided to become an actor, but he overcame his parents' opposition by passing Kaywon Arts High School. It is said that Kim Gu-ra was surprised when the writers told him that he entered Kaywon Arts High School at the top of his class, saying, “Why don’t you say that?”

You can check out the current status of second-hand newcomer Kim Do-hoon, who is feeling popular after 'Moving', and his stories from his school days when he was a model student, on 'Radio Star', which airs at 10:30 pm on the 13th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google