Jeon Hyun-moo, will he become a popular idol? ‘TWS’ desire for refreshing visuals (‘Presentence’)
Jeon Hyun-moo, will he become a popular idol? ‘TWS’ desire for refreshing visuals (‘Presentence’)
The members of ‘Attendance at War’ go on a tour of Singapore’s best restaurants.

In the 290th episode of MBC's 'Point of Omniscient Interfere' ('Point of Omniscient Interfere'), which will be aired on the 16th, the members who fell in love with Singapore's local food will be broadcast.

Director Han Hyeon-jae of ‘Shopdung’ is revealed to be doing his real job. Jeon Hyun-moo asks Shopdung to do his makeup in a group TWS style. Then, he surprises Shoptung by asking him a question, making him flustered. Lee Young-ja, Song Eun-i, and Hong Hyeon-hee also herald a makeover with Shopdung's makeup, raising expectations.

On this day's broadcast, the second episode of 'English Gourmet Society in Singapore' will also be shown. Before the gourmet dinner begins, Song Eun-i expresses anger at something Young-ja Lee said. Shortly thereafter, Lee Young-ja begins a food briefing. Not only does he know the history of the restaurant and the origin of ingredients, but he also surprises the members by passing on his unique recipes.

At Youngja Lee's recommendation, the members visit a hawker center lined with local restaurants in Singapore. Under the leadership of Lee Young-ja, they head to a Singapore-style chicken rice restaurant called a Michelin-starred restaurant. The members begin to taste the food under Lee Young-ja's leadership, and the members are satisfied and start eating up a storm.

There are situations where there are no chicken bones in the Shapdung bowl. Shoptung is embarrassed and says, “I didn’t feel like I was chewing a bone,” and the members also look at him in amazement. Curiosity grows as to whether the cat has actually swallowed the bones.

‘Full Presence’ can be seen on Saturday the 16th at 11:10 PM.

Ten Asia Reporter Lee So-jeong translated by google