Yewon is busier than her jewelry heyday
Yewon is busier than her jewelry heyday
Actress Yewon is entering her second heyday.

Yewon continues to be busier than ever. He is excelling in various fields such as dramas, entertainment, radio, and YouTube, and is performing well in all areas.

Yewon meets viewers every week in the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama 'Wedding Impossible' by playing the role of Ahn Se-jin, who is somewhat less tactful than her wealth. He breathes vitality into the play with his hateful yet impossible-to-hate charm, and is playing the role of a scene-stealer.

Yewon, who has stable acting skills and character digestion, is expected to make a special appearance in the new drama 'Nine Puzzle', and is showing off her presence as an actor by continuing to work steadily.

In addition, she transformed into an MC on Donga TV's 'Trend Shopper' and received a positive response from viewers by delivering various beauty information and know-how. The progression of the show with pleasant humor and reactions enriched the program and showed the potential for growth as an MC.

He also distinguished himself as a radio DJ. Last January, Yewon appeared as a special DJ on SBS Power FM's 'Bae Seongjae's Ten' and had a special time with listeners and fans. The broadcast continued with smooth progress, and the listeners' evening was enriched with 'Yewonpyo DJ'.

In particular, his performance on YouTube was also notable. Yewon shared her simple daily life through her personal YouTube channel 'YEWON' and captured the hearts of subscribers with her natural and simple charm.

In addition, he is bringing great fun and laughter by demonstrating his unique wit and sense through Tak Tak Channel's 'Tak Jae-hoon's Pressure Interview' as well as Nopaku Tak Jae-hoon Channel's 'Kim Ye-won's Solo Escape'. Accordingly, each piece of content is receiving a warm response, recording a high number of views or appearing on a trending video.

Yewon, who is actively performing in all fields regardless of field, is continuing to rise by clearly showing the aspect of an 'all-rounder'.

Yewon's activities, which have an infinite spectrum, are expected to continue until 2024.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google