Aiki "I'm glad I got married early"
Aiki "I'm glad I got married early"
Dancer Aiki said she regretted getting married at an early age, but changed her words at the end of the broadcast.

On the 217th episode of KBS Joy's 'Love Interference' on the 12th, 'K-dance icon' Aiki appeared as a special MC and shared her views on love and pleasant remarks without any filtering.

On this day's broadcast, the story of a troubled man who is in conflict due to the painful past of his girlfriend, who was deceived by her married ex-boyfriend, accused of being an adulteress, and unfairly sued. Go Min-nam, who met his girlfriend, the 'ideal type of the millennium', at the car wash he runs and started dating, sensed that there was something unspeakable about his girlfriend's suspicious behavior and became even more upset when he saw a call from his girlfriend in the name of a lawyer. I'm starting to get worried.

A while later, after hearing a confession that "I was deceived by my ex-boyfriend from 3 years ago, his wife filed a lawsuit claiming that I was an incestuous woman, and the lawsuit is currently in progress," he said, "No one has a past anyway," and decided to give him unchanging love, but he continued to give her love in big and small ways. We run into difficulties. One day, Go Min-nam goes to the house of his girlfriend who did not answer the phone and is shocked to discover psychiatric medication.

The girlfriend, who was crying, suggested to the worried man that he move abroad, saying, "The wife has come and gone. If I leave with you, can we go together?", putting the troubled man in trouble by suggesting that he move abroad. Regarding the behavior of the girlfriend who cannot fully rely on the troubled man's firm trust, Aiki analyzed, "She is in a state of feeling severe guilt because she is worried about hurting the troubled man." Kwak Jeong-eun pointed out Go Min-nam's behavior, saying, "I wonder if it really helps Go Min-nam to react most sensitively."

Joo Woo-jae and Aiki give advice to Go Min-nam, who wants to protect his girlfriend's love despite her painful past, saying, "It's time to show trustworthy actions rather than great drama lines," and "You should look back on yourself to see if you sincerely support her." Kim Sook and Kwak Jeong-eun said. Interjected that he should take time to recover, saying, "I will give my girlfriend time." On the other hand, Seo Jang-hoon concluded his final intervention by being the only MC to recommend a breakup with an unexpected twist, saying, "I know you want to help your girlfriend, but we will break up quickly so that you can focus on solving the problem."

At the end of the broadcast, Aiki sympathized with Joo Woo-jae's comment, "You know how happy you are, right?", and reversed his expression of regret for getting married at the early age of 24 in the opening, saying, "I'm glad I got married early and I realize how important relationships are." “I felt a lot about it,” he said, expressing his feelings about being together.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google