Joo Won "I drank powdered milk to grow taller during my time in China... I grew 20cm in one year."
Joo Won "I drank powdered milk to grow taller during my time in China... I grew 20cm in one year."
Actor Joo Won confessed his know-how for growing taller.

On the 10th, a video titled ‘Joo Won’s Life Interview’ was uploaded to the YouTube channel Life 84.

Kian84, who met Joo Won in the released video, mentioned Joo Won's profile by saying, "You're from Hannam-dong, Seoul. You were born in a rich neighborhood." After hearing this, Joo-won spoke honestly, saying, “Grandma lived a good life.”

Additionally, Kian84 introduced Joo Won's height as 185 cm. He continued, "I think that's true. Celebrities lie about their height. I'm 180cm, but there are people who say they're 185cm even though they're shorter than me."

Joo Woo-neun said that she ate powdered milk until she was in her second year of middle school because she couldn't grow taller. He also revealed that he grew 20cm in one year after taking powdered milk.

He recalled the time, saying, "At that time, there were numbers in order of height, and I was number 4 at the time. I sat in the front row, but after vacation, I went to the back."

In addition, "There was a rumor going around at the time. If you eat powdered milk, you will grow taller. It wasn't for medical reasons, I just ate it because I thought I needed to make up for it, but it seemed like the right time was right. I think I grew taller because I ate it like a booster during the height growth period. When I was in elementary school, I was a little taller than my peers. “It was small,” he said.

Kian84, who is currently 180cm tall, also added that he was bullied by his classmates in middle school because he was short.

Joo-won sympathized with this, saying, "When I suddenly grew taller, I was a small child and I started to fight just as I did back then. But my mindset changed a little. So I remember rebelling a little."

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google