Kim Nam-joo found out about Kim Kang-woo's affair
Kim Nam-joo found out about Kim Kang-woo's affair
While it was revealed that Cha Eun-woo was the only survivor of the 'pension arson incident' that Kim Nam-joo had been searching for, Kim Nam-joo witnessed a photo of Kim Kang-woo's affair.

The 3rd episode of MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'Wonderful World', which aired on the 8th, recorded a viewership rating of 9.2%, breaking its own highest viewership rating. The viewer rating nationwide and in the metropolitan area recorded 8.0%.

In episode 3 of 'Wonderful World', after Eun Soo-hyun (Kim Nam-joo) was released from prison, at the request of Jang Hyeong-ja (Kang Ae-sim), she learned that the only survivor of the 'pension arson incident' was Kwon Seon-yul (Cha Eun-woo). The ending was filled with shock as he witnessed a photo of his affair.

On this day's broadcast, after being released from prison, Soo-hyun met her mother Go-eun (played by Won Mi-kyung) and shared maternal love as they cried in each other's arms. Soo-hyeon tells Go-eun, “I will never die. “I promised to live without being ashamed of our Geon-woo,” he said, finding the meaning of life. Next, Su-hyeon set out to find the only survivor of the 'pension fire incident', which was a request from a fellow inmate. After searching all sorts of places, including police stations, pensions, and smile centers, Soo-hyun asked psychology professor Kim Shi-ra (played by Jeon Hyun-ah), who said she was in charge of survivors, for contact information.

At the same time, Soo-hyeon still expressed her longing for her son Geon-woo (played by Lee Joon) and her husband Su-ho, leaving a feeling of despair. As if possessed by something, Soo-hyeon visited the house where she used to live, and shed heartbreaking tears while holding Geon-woo's clothes and belongings in her arms, reminiscing about the happy moments before the incident. In addition, when Soo-hyeon heard the sound of the front door closing as she left the house, she said, "I heard this sound that day too," and appeared to be obsessed with the question mark, "Did I close the door?", arousing regret.
Kim Nam-joo found out about Kim Kang-woo's affair
Kim Nam-joo found out about Kim Kang-woo's affair
Among them, Seonyul, a subordinate of politician Kim Jun (played by Park Hyeok-kwon), followed in the footsteps of lawmaker Choi Jun-seok (played by Kim Cheol-ki), secured evidence of a drug party, and got into a rough fight with the bodyguards, attracting attention. At this time, Soo-hyeon headed to the junkyard to find survivors of the 'pension fire incident' based on the information in the victim counseling diary sent by Shira, and was surprised to learn that Seon-yul, whom she met by chance at Geon-woo's grave, was the only survivor. Soo-hyeon carefully handed Seon-yul his brother’s diary, saying, “I’ve been writing letters to him for a long time with an apology in mind.” However, Seonyul asks, “So, are you here to deliver an apology from the person who killed my parents?” followed by “So, how do I look? “Do you think I’m living well?” he said, expressing his growing hatred.

Su-hyeon visited Seon-yul’s house every day. At this time, Su-hyeon witnessed Seon-yul searching for a keepsake, a necklace containing a photo of her mother, which she cherished like a treasure, in a stream. Su-hyeon found Seon-yul's necklace and handed it to Seon-yul, saying, "I have a similar pain. “I lost my child,” he said, confessing that he felt pain like a melody. Then, when Su-hyeon expressed her hope that she would not live in pain like her, Seon-yul began to open her heart to Su-hyeon for the first time, with her eyes shaking at Su-hyeon's sincere confession, hinting at progress in their relationship.

Suho was appointed as the ABS news director and received the Journalist of the Year award. As Su-ho brought his luggage from Go-eun's house, he ran into Su-hyeon on her way home and had a heart-warming reunion for the first time in six years. Suho said, “How can I let you go? I missed you. “Suhyeon,” he said and hugged Suhyeon. Su-hyeon announced their reunion by crying in Su-ho's arms and touching each other's pain. Next, Soo-hyeon reunited with her mother-in-law Myeong-hee (played by Gil Hae-yeon) at a family gathering. Myeong-hee seemed to accept Su-hyeon, but in Su-ho's absence, she showed a cold attitude toward her daughter-in-law, who had become a murderer, saying, "I still feel terrible for you," breaking Su-hyeon's heart.

The broadcasting station offered Suhyun and Suho to appear on a special special broadcast as a married couple. Unlike Suho, who was against Suho, Suhyun decided to appear because she wanted to use this opportunity to show that she is someone who walks with Suho, not hides behind him. Su-hyeon and Su-ho honestly confessed their feelings about losing their son through the broadcast, confirming their even stronger marital bond.

After finishing the broadcast, Soo-hyun returned to the waiting room and received an unexpected phone call from a melody. Seonyul said, “It’s a diary. I'm not confident about forgiveness. “Still, I’ll read it,” he said, opening his heart even more and approaching Suhyeon. But behind the good news, unexpected news was waiting. When Soo-hyeon received an unknown envelope in the waiting room and opened it with curiosity, there was a photo in it. In the photo, Suho, with his upper body removed, is pictured lovingly hugging an unidentified woman, and the happy moment was shattered in an instant, leaving Suhyun in shock.

At the end of the play, a scene of a mysterious man developing a photo in a darkroom and a picture of Soo-hyeon written on one wall as a murderer, followed by a relationship chart investigating the people around him, heightened the tension. The picture of Su-ho's affair may have been delivered by Hyeon-nam, who has malicious intent toward Su-hyeon, as the image of Kwon Min-hyuk (played by Lim Ji-seop) walking out of a dark hallway intersects with the family photo of Kwon Ji-woong (played by Oh Man-seok), who murdered Su-hyeon's son in the darkroom. The mystery narrative has been further expanded as to whether Lee is dreaming of revenge on Soo-hyeon.

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