Kim Shin-young mentions retirement from the entertainment industry, “I want to go to the Netherlands”
Kim Shin-young mentions retirement from the entertainment industry, “I want to go to the Netherlands”
Comedian Kim Shin-young, who recently decided to leave 'National Singing Show', said, "The country I want to go to after retirement is the Netherlands."

The 99th episode of Channel S's entertainment show 'Mid I Go Again', which will air on the 7th, is a 'Unique Accommodation Battle Special' and features a battle of three travel destinations: dizzying, romantic, and luxurious. Kim Shin-young recommends an extraordinary luxury hotel in the Netherlands with surrogate traveler Yeon-guk, Lee Seok-hoon recommends Thailand, a romantic staycation in the forest with the 'shottari' couple Wooseo and Suya, and Choi Tae-seong recommends Guatemala, where they spend a night on a cliff with a shopping mall.

In particular, 'NDSM' in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is drawing attention as it is scheduled to be unveiled. 'NDSM' is a remodeled bankrupt shipyard and is full of public art projects and murals, so it is called the mecca of hipsters. Above all, Kim Shin-young expresses her affection for the Netherlands, saying, “The country I want to go to after retirement is the Netherlands,” and “the welfare is very good.” Before introducing the unique accommodation in earnest, when Yeon-guk, a proxy traveler, captured ‘NDSM’ on camera, Kim Shin-young said, “It’s amazing. “You really have to take pictures in a place like that,” he exclaimed.

As you enter the secret space where container boxes are piled up within 'NDSM', you are led to the artists' studios. Kim Shin-young, who saw the vintage furniture and props there, said, “(The interior) is unusual. “The dishes are also sophisticated,” he said. In particular, upon seeing the view of the well-lit restaurant inside the container, Kim Shin-young exclaims, “It’s art,” and reveals her taste by saying, “I like this kind of thing.”

Next, Yeon-guk introduces the highlight of the trip, a unique accommodation that will not be found in the world. The visuals of the magnificent hotel, which was created by remodeling a crane that was actually used in 'NDSM', overwhelmed the cast's attention. The Crane Hotel, which boasts a huge scale that requires an elevator ride and extremely expensive lodging prices, transforms its picturesque scenery into an art museum at sunset. In particular, Yeon-guk is said to have become the envy of everyone by having an ecstatic time savoring wine while enjoying the night view of Amsterdam after sunset.

In addition, the 'Unique Accommodation Battle Special' features the brilliant wonders of Lake Atitlan, one of the world's three largest lakes, seen from an observatory in Guatemala, the thrill of riding a swing at the 100m summit of Amsterdam, Netherlands, and the mystery of a dreamy cafe located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is expected to captivate viewers' five senses.

The 'Unique Accommodation Battle Special' of 'Dasigajido' will be broadcast at 8 PM on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google