Kim Dong-wan and Seo Yoon-ah in a small wedding?
Kim Dong-wan and Seo Yoon-ah in a small wedding?
Kim Dong-wan showed a more mature couple mood with Seo Yoon-ah.

In the 105th episode of Channel A's 'Men's Life These Days - Groom Class (hereinafter referred to as Groom Class)', which aired on the 6th, Enoch entered 'Groom School' and revealed his daily life as a prepared first-class groom, while also revealing his honest feelings about marriage. This unfolded. In addition, Kim Dong-wan, who met his friend Yuk Jung-wan in Mangwon-dong, introduced Seo Yoon-ah, saying, “She is the person I am meeting these days,” and even drew a pink future together. The broadcast on this day recorded a viewership rating of 2.4% (pay-TV households nationwide) according to the viewership rating research company Nielsen Korea.

Enoch, who took his first class as a student at 'Groom School', appeared in the studio with his trademark charming eye smile and even showed off a dance performance on the spot. There was unprecedented cheering, saying, “A fraudster has come in,” and after a while, he revealed his daily life at home. Enoch woke up in the morning, drank water on an empty stomach, exercised a lot, cooked three kinds of vegetables, and made stone pot bibimbap to clear the course. Enoch's diligence in preparing a sumptuous feast and eating breakfast prompted the mentor army to ask, "What if my future wife doesn't eat breakfast?" Enoch responded, "I will become a breakfast evangelist. I will try to persuade my wife to eat breakfast."

Enoch's sister and nephews made a surprise visit. Upon hearing the news that he would be receiving 'groom lessons', all his nephews came out to cheer their uncle. In addition, the nephews even hosted a birthday party for their uncle, giving a sense of family love. My younger sister also congratulated me by giving me a humidifier and saying, “You did everything for my coma, but I’m weak.” Enoch recalled old memories, saying, "When I couldn't find a place in society, my family helped me a lot. I think the relationship between my brother and sister became stronger after the IMF broke out."

My younger sister said with tears in her eyes, "My father was diagnosed with cancer and was terminally ill, but he was so shocked that he couldn't walk properly. So I called my brother, and he came right over in a taxi." Enoch said, "My father said it would last at most 2-3 months even after surgery (for cancer), but I'm so grateful that he's still alive." He then added, "At your wedding, even though I was in a coma, I wanted to do something special, so I sang a congratulatory song. That's what I wanted to do for my family. “It was the first song I sang for you,” he said, leaving me speechless.

My sister asked, “I was surprised that my brother, who is a ‘sixth generation reader’, was taking ‘groom classes.’ How do you feel?” Enoch confessed, "Now that I'm older and have a lot to do, I'm actually a little scared when they say I'm getting married in 2-3 years." The younger sister expressed her sincerity by saying, "The older brother I saw was a good husband. When people around me asked me about my ideal type, I said my older brother." Enoch responded, "Thank you. First, I will properly announce that he is a good husband, and I will do my best in the future. Don't worry." Moon Se-yoon exclaimed, "It's not easy to see such affectionate siblings," and Lee Seung-cheol and Han Go-eun also applauded, saying, "This is the first time in history that a younger sister has even made an endorsement like that. It's a perfect score."

Kim Dong-wan's day when he met his best friend Yuk Jung-wan at a restaurant in Mangwon-dong was revealed. Before Seo Yoon-ah appeared, Kim Dong-wan smiled slightly and nodded to Yuk Jung-wan's question, "Did you hold hands?" Yuk Jung-wan joked, “Actually, if we just hold hands, it’s over,” and just then Seo Yoon-ah entered the restaurant. Kim Dong-wan warmly introduced Seo Yoon-ah to Yuk Jung-wan, saying, “This is the person I am meeting these days.” The sweetness of the two people calling each other by the nickname "Princess-Oppa" made Yuk Jung-wan liven up the atmosphere by saying, "Their smiles are strangely similar."

In a warm atmosphere, Yuk Jung-wan asked Dong-wan Kim a question that had been requested in advance: “When do you get excited for Dong-wan?” Seo Yoon-ah replied, "I was excited from the beginning. These days, I'm feeling excited, but I'm getting a little more comfortable." Kim Dong-wan, who ascended to becoming a clown, clearly revealed his love for Seo Yoon-ah, saying, "I think being pretty is good. It feels like looking at a famous painting." Seo Yoon-ah also stroked Kim Dong-wan while he was eating, saying, "He's cute," and gently wiped the food-stained mouth of Kim Dong-wan with a tissue. Han Go-eun, who saw this, was absorbed and said, "If a woman sees a man cute, it's over."

After a while, when Kim Dong-wan left, Yuk Jung-wan asked seriously, “How do you feel about Dong-wan?” Seo Yoon-ah confessed, "Actually, I'm still confused. He seems friendly, but there are times when he's indifferent." In response, Yuk Jung-wan wisely advised, "Dong-wan is not the type to give your heart away easily. That's because he worries a lot about the future. Yoona, you don't have to worry that much. He likes it when you ask him to go eat something delicious." Also, when asked, "What do you like about Kim Dong-wan?", Seo Yoon-ah praised, "I like his innocence. The fact that he works hard at his job is also a big attractive point."

When Kim Dong-wan returned to his seat, Yuk Jung-wan quietly brought up the story about the wedding. Kim Dong-wan said, “Actually, I don’t want to have a wedding. If I do, I want to have a small wedding.” Seo Yoon-ah responded, “I don’t like crowds of people either.” Yuk Jung-wan responded to Seo Yoon-ah by saying, “Hmm, you’ll agree to everything?”, making everyone laugh. Furthermore, Yuk Jung-wan warmed up the atmosphere by mentioning the wedding invitation, saying, "Next time we meet, I want to receive a small card." Kim Dong-wan joked, “It’s all thanks to ‘Groom Class.’”

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google