Moon Hee-jun Soyul's daughter Jam Jam is already in elementary school
Moon Hee-jun Soyul's daughter Jam Jam is already in elementary school
Moon Hee-jun's daughter, Jam Jam, shows Hee-yul's rapid growth and shows off her prepared idol side.

Episode 517 of KBS2's 'The Return of Superman', which will be aired on the 5th, will feature the 'High Tension Super Parenting' episode, and will be narrated by So Yoo-jin and actress Kang So-ra. Among them, Moon Hee-jun and Jam Jam appear as Hee-yul shows off her much-grown figure, still playful nature, and upgraded cuteness. In particular, expectations are high as Hee-yul is said to be showing off the talent of a second-generation idol who inherited the talent of her father Moon Hee-jun and mother So-yul.

On this day, Heeyul announced her exciting and lively comeback by showing off her cute dance moves to New Jeans' 'Super Shy' in the morning. Heeyul then added to the viewers' joy by saying hello, "It's really, really nice (to be back on Superman). It's been a while." Moon Hee-jun is a father and a first-generation idol who gained national popularity with HOT, and gives realistic advice to his daughter Hee-yul, who dreams of becoming an idol.

Moon Hee-jun said, “To become an idol, you have to be good at English, friendships, and multiplication tables,” and unexpectedly chose multiplication tables as one of his virtues, making Hee-yul’s ears perk up. Moon Hee-jun then said, "I share the income with my company and Jam Jam, but the ratio is important and I deduct 3.3% in taxes. If you don't know the multiplication table, you can't calculate it," and gave 8-year-old Hee-yul early tax education with passion, causing laughter.

As Hee-yul spends the day without her mother with her father, Moon Hee-jun, and her younger brother, Hee-woo, she attracts attention with her dignified older sister. Hee-yul checks Hee-woo's diaper to see if he has pooped, makes a pinwheel for Hee-woo to play with, and also runs errands for Hee-woo perfectly. Hee-yul goes to the store alone, chooses a drink, and even shows the leisure to boast, saying, "I saved up New Year's money." It is said that when a situation occurred where a refund had to be made due to an incorrect calculation, he explained the situation step by step to the store owner and even received a refund, giving us a happy look.

On the other hand, when Hee-jun apologizes to Moon Hee-jun for letting him play alone to take care of Hee-woo, Hee-yul makes the camera her friend, saying, "It was okay because there was a camera," and shows off her amazing idol DNA by showing off her extraordinary love for the camera, saying, "I just put the camera on my body." am. The talent and loveliness of Hee-yul, who has already become a camera fairy, automatically brings smiles to the viewers.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google