Jo Jung-seok, ♥Debuts as a singer following the spider… An actor with 20 years of experience
Jo Jung-seok, ♥Debuts as a singer following the spider… An actor with 20 years of experience
Actor Jo Jung-seok makes his debut as a new singer on the global entertainment service Netflix.

<New Singer Jo Jung-seok> is the debut project for a new singer by Jo Jung-seok, an actor with 20 years of experience who is ‘sincere about music’ and dreams of becoming a singer-songwriter.

Jo Jung-seok is an all-round actor who has worked in movies, dramas, and musicals. Jo Jung-seok, who debuted in the musical [The Nutcracker] in 2004, received great love for his work in various works such as [Hedwig] and [Spring Awakening]. Her versatile charm, based on her solid acting skills, shone on screen and in dramas. He is receiving absolute support from the public for his believable acting that crosses genres, including the movies [Exit], [Farewell], and [Architecture 101], the dramas [Sejak, The Bewitched], [Wise Doctor's Life], and [Mungbean Flower].

Jo Jung-seok is preparing to debut as a ‘standard’ new singer with Netflix. A strong support team is also on hand for actor Jo Jung-seok, who has been dreaming of becoming a singer-songwriter for 20 years. Jeong Sang-hoon, the best older brother in the world who likes to get things done, takes on the role of entertainment representative and plays the role properly. Moon Sang-hoon also joins in and helps Jo Jung-seok debut as a singer. The chemistry between the three people, who go back and forth between fantasy and fantasy, is expected to provide pleasant laughter.

Jo Jung-seok's debut project as a new singer, utilizing all his connections and resources from his 20 years as an actor, is unfolding in a spectacular manner, from evaluation of self-composed songs that break the soul of legendary artists whose names make you gasp, to planning the album concept and unconventional promotions that no one can stop.

Meanwhile, <New Singer Jo Jung-seok> was directed by Yang Jeong-woo, the producer of the [New Journey to the West], [Youth Over Flowers], and [Useful Stories] series. Producer Yang Jeong-woo is working with Jo Jung-seok and Jeong Sang-hoon for the first time in 8 years since [Youth Over Flowers ICELAND].

Jo Jung-seok's challenge as a singer-songwriter, <New Singer Jo Jung-seok>, is available only on Netflix.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google