Kim Da-hyun tearfully confessed that she had an emotionally difficult time.
Kim Da-hyun tearfully confessed that she had an emotionally difficult time.
'King of Active Singers' TOP7 Jeon Yu-jin - Mai-jin - Kim Da-hyun - Lin - Park Hye-shin - Maria - Byeolsarang share their honest feelings about how they survived the intense 100-day survival game.

TOP 7 national trot representatives selected in MBN's 'Active King of Singer' Jeon Yu-jin - Maijin - Kim Da-hyun - Lin - Park Hye-shin - Maria - Star Love will be Kang Hye-yeon, Kim Yang, Duri, Yoyomi, Jo Jung-min, who were from 'Active Singer' on the 5th at 10 p.m. To commemorate the end of the show, we will present the second episode of 'Active Singer Gala Show - Songs of Active Singers' with Kim San-ha.

Top 7 ‘Active Singers’: “What does ‘Active Singer King’ mean to me?” In response to questions, he reveals his ‘true feelings’ that he was unable to reveal on stage. Jeon Yu-jin, who received the honor of being the '1st active singer', surprised everyone with her honest confession, saying, "I have never been able to demonstrate my skills in a competition before," and "I actually thought I wouldn't be able to do it this time." Jeon Yu-jin, who showed a calm appearance for her age throughout the competition, actually reveals why she was unable to let go of her nervousness every time she performed on stage, and even reveals her true feelings about not being able to smile brightly even after taking first place.

Cha Ji-cheon Maijin, who took second place in the 'Active Singer King', expressed her overwhelming emotions, saying, "It's been 11 years since I debuted, and I was happy to receive love and support from so many people for the first time." Kim Da-hyun, who came in third place, said, "Honestly, 'Active King of Singer' was the most emotionally difficult of all the competitions so far," and shared the reason why she shed a lot of tears throughout the survival competition.

Lin, who was re-evaluated as the 'active king of singer', expressed her special affection for the 'active king of singer', saying, "Every stage and song is so precious, and I met friends who are so earnest, and I thought that the stage was an even more special and grateful place." Lin said, "I feel even more proud of my job. I was so lucky to have met the 'King of Singers'," leaving behind a heartwarming lingering feeling as she shed many tears.

Park Hye-shin, who has been active for 16 years, said, "I felt like a singer named Park Hye-shin broke an egg and saw the light of the world. At first, it was so dazzling that it felt awkward and scary." Maria confesses her struggles, saying, “I came to Korea because I wanted to be a singer, but it didn’t work out so I thought I should just give up.” Byeolsarang says, “It was joy and gratitude. Music is what gave me the greatest happiness, and thanks to the ‘active king of singers,’ I am doing music even more happily.”

On this day's broadcast, the 'Active King of Singers' members will perform famous songs and hot new songs that you will want to hear again, starting with a special performance aimed at turning the charts around. In particular, from 'Jade Bead Women' to 'Hot Chili', teams from combinations that were successful during the 'Active King of Singer' team mission reappear.

The production team said, “The TOP 7 ‘Kings of Active Singers’ reflected on the ‘King of Active Singers’ that changed their singer’s life, shared their honest feelings, and even made the production team cry by laughing and crying.” They added, “Befitting survival survivors, their skills have become even more outstanding.” “Of course, please look forward to the second gala show commemorating the end of ‘King of Active Singer,’ which was created with the mindset we had when we started ‘King of Active Singer.’”

The second episode of ‘Active Singer Gala Show’ will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 5th. Next, the 'Korea-Japan King of Singers Battle', in which the top 7 'active singers' will appear, will be broadcast at 10 pm on March 26th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter
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