Han Ga-in said, “I’m going to try to be really broken.”
Han Ga-in said, “I’m going to try to be really broken.”
The four Real Campus members of tvN's 'Europe Outside the Tent - Southern France' had a blast.

In episode 3 of tvN's 'Europe Outside the Tent - Southern France (Directed by Hong Jin-joo and Kim Seo-yeon)', which aired on the 3rd (Sunday), the story of four Real Campus members who passed through the Verdon Gorge and experienced the steamy countryside of southern France was depicted. . The viewer rating on this day was an average of 5.3% and a maximum of 9.1% for households in the metropolitan area, and an average of 4.8% and a maximum of 8.1% for households nationwide, ranking first in the same time slot including comprehensive cable channels. tvN's target male and female 2049 viewership rating was an average of 2.9% in the metropolitan area and a peak of 3.9%, ranking first in the same time slot for all channels including terrestrial channels, and a national average of 2.8% and a peak of 3.8%, ranking first in the same time slot including comprehensive cable channels. (Nielsen Korea, Paid) (based on platform)

Following last week's broadcast, the sight of the members enjoying the Verdon Gorge captured attention from the beginning. The Verdon Gorge seen from the top of the cliff was an overwhelming sight. Han Ga-in, who didn't show much expectation, also gave an infinite reaction, saying, "It's recognition." The members enjoyed the great outdoors, exclaiming, “It’s a sight that makes my stomach tingle” and “It doesn’t seem real.” Afterwards, the members became hungry and decided to fill their stomachs at a cafe in the city. Ramiran has finally achieved her dream of making ‘iced latte’, which she has longed for. Jo Bo-ah gave a warm feeling by ordering a separate ice cup for her sister's wish.

The second dinner menu at Dashikwon was stir-fried chicken. Ra Mi-ran, the director of the cafeteria, made an appetizer called cabbage pancake using French cabbage. Next, the main menu, Dakbokgeumtang, which combines French chicken legs and Korean seasoning, showed off its appetizing appearance. The members were impressed by the “feast-level menu composition.” Han Ga-in also expressed satisfaction, saying, “Sister, you look beautiful tonight too.” Next, cooking for dessert fried rice began with the addition of rice. Ryu Hye-young said, “I feel like I eat better than in Korea.”

At this time, Jo Bo-ah suggested, “Should we also add the blue cheese we bought earlier here?” Han Ga-in shuddered at the smell of blue cheese and opposed the topping. In fact, blue cheese is a food that people like and dislike because of its thick taste and aroma. Ryu Hye-young approved of the cheese topping, and only Han Ga-in, who was 'anti-cheese', enjoyed the original taste of the fried rice by serving the rice first. The taste of the fried rice with the blue cheese topping was surprisingly successful. Ra Mi-ran, the director of the Dasik Center, who was reborn as the ‘Queen of Weird Food,’ was satisfied with the new attempt. After finishing dinner, the members continued their real-life conversation with women, asking, "Shall we wash up today?", making everyone laugh.

The members warmed up the cold with warm coffee the next morning. Han Ga-in, who doesn't usually drink coffee, shivered from the cold and said, "I'll have a sip of coffee here too... I'll be really spoiled," causing laughter. When Jo Bo-ah asked, "Didn't you film a coffee commercial?" Han Ga-in said, "I did one about 20 years ago. That was the last time I drank coffee." The members showed off their extraordinary appetite from the morning by eating seasoned grilled French pork. Meanwhile, Ryu Hye-young finally got a signal to go to the bathroom three days after eating the fruit prune. Ryu Hye-young, who returned with feather-light gestures, made everyone laugh by declaring that she had decided to become a prune admirer.

The next destination was ‘Mont Aiguille’, full of the rural atmosphere of southern France. The members who stopped by the Valensole lavender field on the way were looking forward to picturesque purple waves, but unfortunately it was not the flowering season. There was another place that caught the attention of the four people. Sisteron is a charming small town with a citadel perched on a huge rock wall. The four decided to stop by nearby and try crepes for lunch. The members also fell in love with the original crepe taste, which was different from Korean style.

The members, who dreamed of living like locals in a quiet countryside, visited a 'Gite', a French-style country homestay where they could experience French rural culture. Gite, located below Mont Aigui, was a mountain village that was more than the countryside of my dreams, and there was no internet access.

Although Han Ga-in tried to check in with her fluent English skills, the owner's grandfather, Michel, could only communicate in French. The members were embarrassed, but soon began to communicate clearly. Michelle introduced a small animal farm with goats and donkeys starting from the garden in front of the house, and Jo Bo-ah was especially happy, expressing her love for the animals. The view from every corner of the house filled with antiques and the terrace behind the bedroom was also exquisite. The members unanimously expressed their admiration, saying, “It’s like a fairy tale,” and “I want to live here.”

'Europe Outside the Tent - Southern France' is a healing camping entertainment program that travels around Europe in a free way, using camping sites instead of hotels, rental cars instead of trains, and local supermarkets instead of restaurants. It airs every Sunday at 7:40 PM.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google