Dex compliments Kim Yo-han, “You look handsome today too”
Dex compliments Kim Yo-han, “You look handsome today too”
'College Sports Festival: Boys' Athletes' Village' is intensifying the excitement of survival with a competition between rival schools where elimination is at stake.

In the MBC and Lifetime co-production 'College Sports Festival: Boys' Athletes' Village (hereinafter referred to as College Sports Festival)', which aired on the 3rd, eye-catching competition unfolded from the main event ranking match in the first round to the rival school competition in the second round. The passion of the physical education students who threw their whole bodies to win made the blood of viewers boil.

Ji Seung-hyun of Kyunghee University, Hyuk-jun Yang of Yongin University, and Oh-seong Han of Korea National Sport University competed fiercely for the gold medal in the 30kg medicine ball jump, the last match of the first round main event ranking match. About 30 minutes after the whistle blew, Ji Seung-hyun of Kyung Hee University and Hyuk-jun Yang of Yongin University collapsed one after another, and Han Oh-seong of Korea National Sport University won the gold medal and the final winner.

After the 1st round mission was over, the 8 schools were fully prepared for the 2nd round rival school competition where the first elimination was at stake. The second round event, which is held in a tournament format, is a sandbag competition with all teams, and the losing team is at risk of elimination, so it was expected to be a fierce match.

The second round opened with a match between Kyunghee University and Yonsei University. Yonsei University was considered the weakest team because it did not win a medal in the first round. While the momentum of Yonsei University students trying to regain their pride was fierce, Kyunghee University dominated the trend by securing several yellow punching bags with high scores.

The competition between the two schools, which swept the sandbags using each sport's specialties, monopolized the students' attention. Kim Yo-han expressed his admiration, saying, “You planned the strategy well.” In particular, Kyung Hee University's youngest member Lee Hyun-jun's winking attack embarrassed the opponent. After a fierce competition, Kyung Hee University experienced the joy of victory.

The next match was between Korea University and Yongin University. Korea University also failed to win a medal in the first round and was even evaluated as an 'easy opponent' by Yongin University, so they showed their will and added to the tension of the game. As soon as the game started, Yongin University quickly grabbed the yellow sandbags, and Korea University carried the white sandbags as diligently as ants.

Yongin University, with its strong teamwork, gained the upper hand in the game with perfect coordination from attack to defense. Although ace Kim Hyeong-jin left the game midway, Yongin University won without any upsets. As a result, fateful rivals Korea University and Yonsei University became candidates for elimination. Attention is being paid to whether the two schools will be able to advance to the third round.

As the game progresses, the relationship between the MC, coaches, and students is becoming closer. The students cheered loudly for the players in the game, and the MC and coaches also encouraged them with enthusiastic encouragement. Dex, who showered compliments on Kim Yo-han by saying, "You look good today," received a barrage of affection from the students, saying, "You smell good, too," forming a heartwarming love triangle.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google