Jeon Yu-jin, the reason why she didn't look good even after winning first place in 'Active Singer'
Jeon Yu-jin, the reason why she didn't look good even after winning first place in 'Active Singer'
The 'King of Active Singers' provided a wealth of fun and emotion with a special gala show featuring the inauguration ceremony of the top 7 honorable national representatives selected after an intense 100-day long journey.

MBN's 'Active Singer Gala Show', which aired on the 27th, recorded the highest viewership rating of 9.6% and a nationwide viewership rating of 8.3% (based on Nielsen Korea). On this day's broadcast, with Son Tae-jin and Shin Yu as the 2 MCs, the TOP 7 honorable 'active singer' singers Jeon Yu-jin, Mai Jin, Kim Da-hyun, Lin, Park Hye-shin, Maria, Byeolsarang, Kim Yang, Kang Hye-yeon, Yoon Su-hyun, Duri, Yoyomi, Ryu Won-jeong, and Kim San-ha gathered together to forget. He created a stir by singing passionately the 'song of active duty' that was impossible to achieve.

First, TOP7 appeared and sang ‘Arirang Shepherd’ passionately, revealing their dignity as true ‘national trot representatives’. Then, Ms. Kim transformed into a charismatic train driver, approached the audience singing 'Night Train', and delivered fan service by handing out tickets, drawing cheers.

Next, the behind-the-scenes story of TOP3 Kim Da-hyun's failure to attend the 'King of Singers' finals was revealed. Kim Da-hyun, who was not able to participate in the event because she was under the age of 15, watched TV at home with her father and mother that day and was breathing heavily the entire time, as if she could feel the tension on stage. When it was time to announce the final score, Dahyun Kim was happy to see that she placed 3rd, saying, “I’m glad.” She added, “I’m so grateful and sorry that my mother, who has always been my support, is always around to pat me on the back and comfort me. With that kind of heart, I will do my best,” along with a deep feeling, and she passionately sang ‘My Mother’s Mom,’ leaving a deep impression on me.

And after Ryu Won-jeong expressed his earnest emotions with ‘A Woman’s Life’, Yoon Soo-hyun presented an energetic stage like a runaway locomotive with ‘Jintobaegi’. Lin then showed off his perfect pitch pushing and pushing with 'Stone', showing off his solid skills worthy of a TOP7 member.

In addition, the so-called 'Middle Bass Mama', a group of four powerful vocalists including Kim San-ha, Park Hye-shin, Byeolsarang, and Kim Yang, appeared and completed a harmony that can be trusted and heard with 'Woman's Tears', and Kang Hye-yeon showed off a delicious traditional break with 'Secret Love'. The essence was presented. Kim Da-hyun transformed into a cute little guitarist and made her mom smile with 'You I Met by Chance', and Jeon Yu-jin and Mai-jin, who were ranked first and second in 'Active King of Singers', came together as 'Two Jeans' who dream of becoming a new generation of trot singers, and created 'Two Jeans', full of retro mood. ‘Notes of Youth’ brought cheers.

The '7080 Masterpiece Showdown', a special stage that can only be seen at the 'Active King of Singers Gala Show', continued. Adding to the fun was the audience participation event where the audience gathered at the scene threw roses on the better stage of the two teams Yoyomi-Doo-ri and Jo Jung-min-Kang Hye-yeon. The first unit, Yoyomi and Duri, delivered a joint dance stage worthy of performance queens while singing 'Stop', while Kang Hye-yeon and Jo Jung-min also showed off their unwavering chemistry despite the intense dance with 'Ballad of Memories', causing a rain of roses to pour down.

Byulsarang installed a chair in the middle of the stage to get closer to the audience and expressed their gratitude to the fans who have continued to support them for over 100 days. Maria showed off her more Korean-like sensibilities with 'The Lost 30 Years', and Lin and Da-hyun Kim, who got along like sisters throughout the contest, created a cute duet chemistry with 'You Like Me, I Like You' and brought a smile to every face. .

The day after the finals, Maijin went to her mother's snack bar, skillfully packaged the food, and even delivered it herself, showing off her character as a dutiful daughter. In addition, he met the mayor of Yangju in person and received a plaque for being appointed as a public relations ambassador for Yangju, showing his changed status after appearing on 'King of Active Singers'. Maijin then went to the 5-day market in Yangju, where she visited with her mother, and when merchants recognized her and cheered, saying, “You’re so pretty,” she raised her arms and roared. She also performed active fan service by singing her new song ‘Bongdang Pencil’ while holding a hotteok in one hand, making fans happy. did.

Maijin was moved by giving a generous prize to her mother, who had suffered as much as she had throughout the competition. The mother said, “I’m crying so much. I'm so grateful. “I can’t believe they are praising my daughter this much,” he said with tears in his eyes, and then added, “I never thought a day like this would ever come in the life I’ve lived for over 60 years. “Now all that’s left to do is laugh, so don’t cry,” he promised, making the listeners’ noses wrinkle. My Jin passionately sang the song 'Empty Hands', which won the first MVP of the finals, and once again performed the 'in-ear performance', which is considered a legendary scene, drawing cheers.

Park Hye-shin displayed the power of experience in 'Thorn Bird', making the audience listen with both hands folded. Following 'Farewell', which was performed on 'King of Singers', Lin and Son Tae-jin once again collaborated with each other on the special duet stage 'Sang Sa-hwa'. The two people wore black outfits that added to their aura and created the atmosphere of a scene from a movie, like lovers breaking up, leaving everyone in ecstasy.

As soon as the live broadcast of the 'King of Active Singer' finals ended, Jeon Yu-jin rushed to Pohang where her father was, shared a warm hug, and enjoyed a romantic 'beach date'. Jeon Yu-jin's father expressed his concern by mentioning that Jeon Yu-jin's expression was dark after winning first place, and Jeon Yu-jin said, "I am grateful and happy for first place, but there are older sisters who also failed and I feel pressured to do well for them. He attracted attention by expressing his honest feelings, saying, “I couldn’t laugh.”

Jeon Yu-jin then expressed her worries, saying, “I have to play the Korea-Japan match, but I’m really nervous because it’s my first challenge.” Her father gave her advice, “Empty your mind and take it easy.” When Jeon Yu-jin asked, “Dad, how do you empty your mind?” the father gave a twisted answer, “I’m not good at emptying my mind,” making the audience burst into laughter.

Following the new song 'Evening Primrose', which is sweeping various trot music charts, Jeon Yu-jin moved the audience to tears with 'What is Life', a song dedicated to the fans who made her No. 1. Following this, both TOP7 and active members sang 'Fifteen Nights' passionately and left the audience in tears. He expressed his deep gratitude to the viewers who cheered their hearts out until the night.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google