Ahn Jung-hwan opens up about his assets of 15 billion won
Ahn Jung-hwan opens up about his assets of 15 billion won
Ahn Jung-Hwan explains the ‘assets of 15 billion won theory’.

In the 23rd episode of Channel A's entertainment show 'Family Beyond the Line', which will be broadcast on March 1, 'Family Beyond the Line' from three countries living in the United States, Italy, and Nepal will be shown taking on a new 'challenge'. First, Choi Yu-jin and Alex, a couple living in New York, USA, introduce the daily life of a family of Broadway musicians, and then reveal a scene where they challenge themselves to 'make red pepper paste' with local friends.

'Italian Sunnum Fam' Kwon Seong-deok and Julia couple participate in the carnival in Viareggio and spend the day enjoying K-traditional games with locals while wearing 'Squid Game' costumes. Lastly, Nepalese couple Kim Na-hee and Asis show off their first paragliding in Pokhara, 'Nepal Paradise'.

On this day, Choi Yu-jin and Alex from Sunnum Fam in New York, USA exchanged their first greetings with 4 MCs Ahn Jung-hwan, Lee Hye-won, Yoo Se-yoon and Song Jin-woo and reminisced about their first meeting in 2008. Choi Yu-jin reveals, “I liked Alex, so I seduced her by dancing ‘Single Lady’ during our first meeting.” In response, 4MC and ‘American son-in-law’ Chris expressed ‘culture shock’ by saying, “Isn’t the flirting too much?”

Choi Yu-jin introduces, “Alex is a veteran drummer in New York with 20 years of experience, and I am a jazz pianist,” and then shows Alex’s daily life performing as a session for the Broadway musical ‘Jersey Boys,’ to which responses pouring in are “cool.”
Ahn Jung-hwan opens up about his assets of 15 billion won
Ahn Jung-hwan opens up about his assets of 15 billion won
Next, Choi Yu-jin and Alex reveal a small apartment located in Queens, New York, saying, “This is the house of a person who burned and sold people in their 20s.” Immediately after, when the topic of conversation turned to the high cost of housing in New York, MC Lee Hye-won explained, “My daughter Lee Won is also studying abroad in New York, and instead of having a deposit, she had to have a guarantor,” adding, “The guarantor’s bank account balance must be at least 80 times the monthly rent.” .

Yoo Se-yoon and Song Jin-woo, who were surprised, joked, “Didn’t the wealthy man Ahn Jung-hwan provide a guarantee?” and “There was a rumor that Ahn Jung-hwan’s assets were 15 billion won.” Ahn Jung-hwan sighs, “15 billion won, I don’t even have 150 won,” making everyone burst into laughter.

Lee Hye-won said, "Actually, Lee Won is running 000 in New York without my father's knowledge. I only shared the secret with my mother because I was afraid that my father would be scolded if he found out," causing Ahn Jung-hwan's 'pupil earthquake'. Curiosity soars about what secret Lee Won hid from his father and Ahn Jung-hwan's reaction upon learning the truth.

Today's guests include Chris from the United States, Paolo from Italy, and Susan from Nepal. Episode 23 of ‘Family Who Crosses the Line’ will be broadcast at 9:40 PM on the 1st of next month.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google