Mithra Jin explains his exclusive parenting, "I want Kwon Da-hyun to return"
Mithra Jin explains his exclusive parenting, "I want Kwon Da-hyun to return"
Epik High's Jin Mithra explained the controversy surrounding his wife Dahyun Kwon's single parenting.

The SBS entertainment show 'Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 - You Are My Destiny', which aired on the 26th, featured the daily lives of Jin Mithra and Da-Hyeon Kwon.

Mithra Jin and Kwon Da-hyun, a couple who appeared on the show in November last year and revealed their daily lives. At the time, Kwon Da-hyun took sole care of her 28-month-old son, Eden, and Mithra Jin was seen having some alone time in the bathroom as soon as he woke up. The two also revealed how they sleep in their respective rooms.

The two people returned to work after 3 months. On this day, Mithra Jin attracted attention by taking charge of all the preparations for his son's school attendance. In response, Mithra Jin recalled, "I didn't know that so many people would watch 'Same Bed, Different Dreams'," and "After the broadcast, I was eating out with my family, and one viewer said that he had seen 'Same Bed, Different Dreams' and told me to be nice to my wife."

Mithra Jin then added, "At the time, I was very busy with performances. It was a very sensitive time. Now, the end of the year is over and it is the new year, so it is the off-season. I mostly stay at home and participate in childcare."
Mithra Jin explains his exclusive parenting, "I want Kwon Da-hyun to return"
Mithra Jin explains his exclusive parenting, "I want Kwon Da-hyun to return"
The two had a meal together after sending their son Eden to school. Dahyun Kwon received a text message while eating. It was a call regarding a meeting with the agency. Dahyun Kwon was worried, saying, "I don't know if it's right for me to work now. If I don't have work, I might cause trouble to the company. I might end up just taking up space." She also worried about raising children, saying, “If my brother goes on tour, Eden will.”

In response, Mithra Jin supported his return as an actor, saying, "You will need help from your parents. There is nothing sadder than not being able to work when you have a desire to work. It is important to have a sense of belonging." At the same time, he suggested changing Kwon Da-hyun's actor profile photo, and decided to become Kwon Da-hyun's daily manager. Above all, Mithra Jin shaved his beard for Kwon Da-hyeon, who usually dislikes beards.

After visiting the makeup shop, the two went to the studio to take profile photos. Next, there was a meeting with the agency. Dahyun Kwon had a great desire to start acting again, but the representative of her agency talked about the current state of the production industry, saying, "The number of films produced has decreased significantly compared to previous years. It is difficult to get cast." At the same time, he suggested that it would be good to also engage in activities such as YouTube and e-commerce.

In response, Kwon Da-hyun expressed her desire to return, saying, "If I audition well, will it be possible to return to the work? I think it's important to create a life-long character regardless of whether it's a lead role or a supporting role."

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google