‘Dating’ showed blatant selfishness toward Karina
‘Dating’ showed blatant selfishness toward Karina
Actress Lee Yi-kyung reveals her fandom for Espa Carina, who is rumored to be dating actor Lee Jae-wook.

In 'Discharged Person', which will be released on the YouTube channel OOTB STUDIO at 6 PM on the 27th (today), NCT's Taeyong spends a special day exploring the area near Seoul Forest Station with Lee Yi-kyung.

The station visited this week by a 'discharged person' who reviews stations around the world is 'Seoul Forest Station.' While MC Lee Yi-kyung visited the SM building connected to Seoul Forest Station as a 'SHINee Minho Chance' and looked inside, she happened to meet NCT's Taeyong and succeeded in recruiting an instant guest.

Taeyong, who recently spent a busy daily life preparing for his solo album, expressed his wish to visit a 'hot spot' near Seoul Forest Station, saying, "I walk and wander around a lot overseas, but in Korea, I don't walk around much." Accordingly, Lee Yi-kyung visits nearby restaurants to fulfill Taeyong's bucket list, and even takes self-photos together, walking around the Seoul Forest Station area.

Taeyong is impressed by Lee Yi-kyung, who communicates casually with citizens he meets for the first time and shows off the so-called 'EE-kyung' aspect, and even challenges the citizens to interview them, showing off his unexpected charm. Moreover, Taeyong and Lee Yi-kyung suddenly become close brothers and sisters, and they even share deeper conversations.

“I’ve never traveled in my life, so I only traveled in my imagination,” he said, adding that he included his travel romance in the song “Moon Tour” from his recently released album. In response, Lee Yi-kyung said, “It must be heartbreaking for many people that Taeyong has never been able to go on a trip at his age,” and proposed an ingenious travel solution, raising questions about what method he ‘highly recommended’. Here, the two will once again show off their 'brotherly chemistry' by taking on the challenge of Taeyong's solo album title song 'TAP'.

On this day, Lee Yi-kyung caught the eye by boasting of her special friendship with not only Taeyong, who was visiting Seoul Forest Station together, but also with artists belonging to SM Entertainment, including BoA, with whom she recently co-starred in the drama 'Marry My Husband', Minho from SHINee, and Heechul Kim. . While Lee Yi-kyung, who was showing off her closeness with Minho, was looking around the goods store, she felt a bit burdened by her best friend Minho's goods, but showed her passionate fandom by smiling brightly at Espa Carina's photo card.

Also, Lee Yi-kyung, who was trying to make an impromptu phone call with Minho, is said to have exploded with 'Tiki Taka Talk' with Minho even for a short moment, revealing a 'strong chemistry' that cannot be hidden.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google