Lee Ji-ah's agency pursues malicious commenters until the end
Lee Ji-ah's agency pursues malicious commenters until the end
Actress Lee Ji-ah's agency is taking strong action against malicious comments.

On the 27th, BH Entertainment said, "Malicious slander, personal attacks, and indiscriminate false information related to our company's actress, Lee Ji-ah, are continuously being posted and distributed. We are trying to eradicate malicious posts that damage the character and reputation of the actress. “We will pursue the publishers in question until the end and hold them strongly accountable according to the zero-tolerance principle.”

He continued, "We are collecting related data through our own monitoring system, and are immediately collecting cases and receiving reports about illegal acts that are being committed openly through posts and real-time comments on various online communities, YouTube, each SNS, etc." “Based on the above materials, we will initiate legal procedures, including civil and criminal lawsuits, with Yulchon Law Firm as our legal representative. We inform you that we will respond strongly without any leniency or agreement in any case,” he added.

BH Entertainment said, "We will continue to actively collect evidence and self-monitor on malicious posts to protect the rights and interests of our actors. We ask for continued reporting as the materials sent by fans are greatly helpful in legal preparations." He said.

Meanwhile, Lee Ji-ah is appearing in the currently airing JTBC Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Awesome Fixer'. 'Awesome Fixer' is a drama about the fearless solutions to justice and retribution between Korea's best divorce solver Sara Kim (played by Lee Ji-ah) and smart lawyer Dong-jun Dong (played by Kang Ki-young), who 'will divorce you without even a rat or bird knowing.'

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google