Park Na-rae, harsh words toward Han Hye-jin
Park Na-rae, harsh words toward Han Hye-jin
Park Na-rae showed off her pleasant reactions and eloquence.

In tvN's 'Restaurant in Line 2', which aired on the 26th, Park Na-rae and her best friend, model Han Hye-jin, went on a search for a newtro restaurant and showed off a mukbang that made viewers' mouths water.

On this day, Park Na-rae attracted attention from the opening with a colorful costume tailored to the research task of Newtro Hot Places at the Julien Schullin guide selection meeting. When Park Na-rae saw the short-spoken sun going out to find candidate Julien Schullin's restaurant in the heavy snow, she showed off her sense of humor by saying, "Would you end up like reporter Park Dae-gi while standing in line?"

Additionally, while watching Haetnim's galmaegisal mukbang, he talked about the texture and flavor of the meat, showing his side as a food expert. Park Na-rae, who was the second researcher, visited Namdaemun Market where there is a Newtro restaurant with Han Hye-jin. He found hotteok at the entrance of the market and was excited for a moment. When Han Hye-jin told him that not only had she not eaten hotteok in 10 years, but also that she had never eaten tornado potatoes, he asked, "What kind of life have you led?" and "Are you a sociopath?" They showed a chemistry of extreme contrasts, such that they were astonished.

Na-rae Park started waiting at a cutlassfish stew restaurant lined up in a long alley on the weekend morning. Park Na-rae, who tried to talk to a foreigner who was standing in line with her, introduced Han Hye-jin as a giant comedian and made people laugh by making a sly comment. On the other hand, Na-rae Park was able to eat braised cutlassfish after a long wait, and while performing a lively mukbang, she analyzed the seasoning of braised cutlassfish and matched the restaurant's own secret recipe that has matured, showing her performance as an editor-in-chief.

Park Na-rae showed a cool reaction by pointing out the excessively long waiting time at the candidate restaurant that Lee Joo-seung visited, but she immersed herself in the appetizing-looking grilled black pork, and after finishing the tasting with rave reviews, she changed her attitude, saying, "It was a short time at two and a half hours." It made people burst into laughter.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google