Jinseong, affection for ‘idol debut’ Jeong Dong-won
Jinseong, affection for ‘idol debut’ Jeong Dong-won
Trot singer Jinseong showed his affection for his junior Jeong Dong-won.

According to Nielsen Korea, a viewership rating research company, on the 26th, episode 246 of KBS2's 'The Boss's Ears Are Donkey Ears', which aired the previous day, recorded a nationwide viewership rating of 5.1%. In the scene where Jeong Ji-seon and her husband consult on their brother-in-law's store, the highest viewership rating instantly soared to 7.8%, making it the number one entertainment show on all channels in the same time slot for 95 consecutive weeks.

Jinseong, who has hit songs such as 'At Andong Station' and 'Barley Hill', joined as the new boss and introduced himself as "a silent boss who speaks with his eyes and atmosphere." Jinseong, who appeared in the practice room gathered for the 'Jinseong Big Show' ensemble, said, "I have to risk my life and decide to live or die," and tried to burn out his will to join the ensemble, but he started talking about latte before the ensemble. In response, Jang Ji-won revealed his true feelings, saying, “Practice that should have been completed in 2 hours has increased to 4 hours.” After a long latte talk, after singing 'At Andong Station' and 'Don't Tackle' in succession, the sight of the performers listening to Jinseong's latte story even though it was a break was sad.

Jeong Dong-won, who came to the practice room for a special stage, and Jinseong, who even joined the 'Barley Pass' ensemble, joked, "Thanks to you, I make a living," and took care of the young junior, giving him a sense of satisfaction. Along with this, he visited Korean traditional musician Park Ae-ri and began taking pansori lessons. Jinseong, who was impressed by Park Ae-ri's Heungboga demonstration, kept hitting the wall during the part where he had to 'pour out' 16 times in one breath during Heungboga, and in between Park Ae-ri's compliments, Jinseong told his own old stories and made people laugh.

Park Ae-ri, who tried to change the topic by asking if she was hungry, held an impromptu fan meeting by serving a 24-cheop banquet prepared by her mother-in-law out of fan loyalty for Jinseong. Jinseong, who pours out comments that are as good as those on a home shopping live broadcast, tried to talk non-stop throughout the meal, including revealing that he had undergone Botox treatment for maintenance. In addition, he expressed his affection for his wife, who took care of him when he was suffering from blood cancer in the past, and made people laugh by saying, "My wife has 9 shares of property and I have 1 share."

Cheerleader Park Ki-ryang gathered the members to prepare for the opening stage of the Lunar New Year's wrestling competition. In addition, Park Ki-ryang suggested dividing the two teams into a choreography competition. As the winning team's choreography was adopted and even the stage center position was pledged, the members ignited their passion, and the members' original choreography was revealed in front of Park Ki-ryang, who encouraged him and said, "It takes hard times to become memories." Park Ki-ryang gave points to Park So-hyun's team, who completed the choreography with Park Ki-ryang's favorite sniping moves for the remixes of 'Long Live the World' and 'Champion'.

Park Ki-ryang, who emphasized that "Sohyeon is the center only for this wrestling competition," handed over the choice of meal menu to the members for the first time, and following the members who chose the PC room, Park Ki-ryang ordered the evolved PC room menu, including meat by cut and whole chicken with oriental medicine, and kiosk. He was surprised by the system and complained, “It’s hard to eat even once,” which made people laugh. Ki-Ryang Park, who was looking at each member engrossed in the game, drew criticism by saying, "It would be great if you practiced as much as you played the game." Ki-Ryang Park leisurely left the PC room, feeling proud of the numerous posts that appeared when his name was searched on a portal site.

Ji-seon Jeong visited her in-laws, where four generations, from her grandmother-in-law to her son, were gathered together. Her mother-in-law, Mrs. Kim Jae-hwa, said, "Daughter-in-law, come here," and called Ji-seon Jeong to drink the jujube tea she had brewed herself. She then ordered, "It will be more uncomfortable to just sit there. Make some for me." In response, Jeong Ji-seon made people laugh by complaining, "Whenever my in-laws come over, I lock myself in my room and only send food 4-5 hours in advance." However, to her husband who only admonished her in the living room by asking, "When will food be served?" Jeong Ji-seon replied, "If you're going to nag me, do it yourself." She continued to tell her cousin-in-law Tae-woo Lee to clean the table, set the cutlery, and set the food, showing off her character as a general and making everyone laugh. I gave it to you.

As the four generations sit around the table, Jeong Ji-seon asks her father-in-law to evaluate the taste of pancakes. Although she was disappointed to hear, "It's very good," Lee Tae-woo interpreted, saying, "Chungcheong-style speaking. It's delicious." Jeong Ji-seon's expression brightened only then. When her brother-in-law said honestly about his first impression, "I was scared at first because my first impression was strong." He made everyone laugh by strongly asserting, “You look innocent without eyeliner.” At the same time, Jeong Ji-seon raided Lee Tae-woo's store. To Lee Tae-woo, who was explaining the sudden drop in store sales, Jeong Ji-seon poured out sharp criticism, saying, "Don't worry, just move." Regarding table setting, too many side dishes and slow serving speed were pointed out, but Lee Tae-woo maintained his position that the number of side dishes could never be reduced.

Jeong Ji-seon pointed out the reason for not taking additional orders, saying, "The meat is delicious, but there are a lot of side dishes, so I can't eat a lot of meat." But Lee Tae-woo was steadfast. In addition, he was appalled by the operation method of sticking to the prices at the beginning of the opening for products such as radish soybean paste soup and soju, and firmly suggested, "If I do menu consulting, I receive 5 to 10 million won. Since we are family, I will do it for free, so you should break your stubbornness." .

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google