Jo Jung-seok confessed to Shin Se-kyung, but was in danger of being poisoned.
Jo Jung-seok confessed to Shin Se-kyung, but was in danger of being poisoned.
Jo Jung-seok of tvN's 'Captivating the King' shed tears of repentance as he confessed to Shin Se-kyung that he usurped the dragon statue.

In the 14th episode of 'Captivating the King', which aired on the 25th, Lee In (played by Jo Jeong-seok) disobeyed his older brother and former king Lee Seon (played by Choi Dae-hoon) in front of Kang Mong-woo (= Kang Hee-soo, Shin Se-kyung) and took the throne. He confessed that he had climbed. In order to root out Sejak, Lee In gave Park Jong-hwan (played by Lee Gyu-hoe) an ultimatum to confess his crime and be punished. The 14th episode viewership rating (Nielsen Korea) recorded an average of 6.7% and a high of 8.5% for households nationwide, and an average of 7.1% and a high of 8.9% for households in the metropolitan area, breaking its own highest viewership rating and taking first place in the same time slot including cable and comprehensive programming. .

Park Jong-hwan, who did not like Lee In's pro-country declaration, said, "We cannot even touch the fortresses on the border because we are worried about the Qing." Accordingly, Lee In called Kim Je-nam (played by Lee Yoon-hee) and Do Seung-ji (played by Jeong Eui-wook) to the side and ordered them to exclude non-guk party officials from the managers involved in this pro-guk affair and to thoroughly investigate the records of Se-jak's affairs from three years ago and the accounts of the frontier. did. Park Jong-hwan, together with his forces, gathered opinions on the acceptance of pro-nation and submitted a request, “Please take away the order of pro-nation immediately.”

Lee In tried to suppress his rising anger, saying to Park Jong-hwan, "Do you think I don't know the true nature of how he pretends to care for the country and the people, but is only focused on his own comfort and gain?" He warned that anyone who opposed his will would be severely punished for high treason. Eventually, Park Jong-hwan, who visited the King's Secret Hall, reported that Lee In was trying to dig up the Qing's past affairs. Park Jong-hwan expressed his displeasure at Queen Mother Park (played by Jang Young-nam) by saying, "Your Majesty the Lord is trying to cut off this uncle's heavenly rule," and that he was trying to denigrate his contribution to becoming King Yechin's successor in order to put Lee In on the throne.

As soon as Kang Mong-woo gathered himself together, he headed to Yeongchijeong. He asked that he take care of his sins directly, saying, “If you did this to protect me, knowing that it was my sin and not Chudalha’s, then you do not know me yet.” In response, Lee In revealed his true feelings to Kang Mong-woo, saying, “Because she is my woman.” He then revealed the reason why this is something he has wanted for a long time and must accomplish. Lee In shocked people by honestly confessing that he became king by manipulating his older brother's name, saying, "The person standing in front of you is a criminal who usurped the throne." Kang Mong-woo, who discovered the king's sincere feelings, hugged Lee In, who was shedding tears of repentance, and confirmed his love with sobs. He continued, "Your Majesty climbed the dragon statue to protect the Confucianism of His Majesty the King. You became a sinner to protect the Prince and the Princess," and comforted him, saying, "I will be with you. We will endure together and give you strength."

Kang Mong-woo headed to Uigeumbu to meet Chu Dal-ha (played by Na Hyeon-woo). There, Kang Mong-woo heard Chu Dal-ha's words, "Three years ago, there was a person who told the Qing military about my whereabouts in detail as if reading the palm of one's hand. I think Park Jong-hwan's servant, Makdong-i, was that person." Kang Mong-woo immediately reported this to Lee In. Lee In ordered Joo Sang-hwa to bring Makdong-i (played by Park Chan-woo), but Park Jong-hwan, who noticed this, murdered Makdong-i to eliminate the witness. Lee In, who was enraged by Park Jong-hwan's atrocities that increasingly crossed the line, gave Park Jong-hwan an ultimatum, saying, "Confess your sins and be punished. Otherwise, I will not treat my own country." However, while Park Jong-hwan encouraged Kim Myeong-ha (played by Lee Shin-young) to plot treason, he ultimately did not confess his crime to Lee In, saying, "I have no sin to confess my convictions." Lee In, seeing Park Jong-hwan's shameless appearance, called Do Seung-ji and ordered, "Tomorrow, we will call the criminals and attack the country, so be aware and prepare accordingly." Kim Je-nam said, “I have a testimony and a witness that I was thinking of using at the end.”

Lee In, who was in the bedroom, said to Dong Sang-gung (played by Park Ye-young), “You are the witness who killed my brother, and I am a witness who knows that Park Jong-hwan was a secret agent who conspired with the Qing.” Dongsanggung trembled with fear as he heard his sins directly from Lee In's voice. Lee In, seeing the appearance of Dongseonggung, said, "If you confess the sins of you and Youngbusa, I will recognize your merits and punish your sins, but spare your life." Dongsanggung, who had poison applied to his lips, seemed to have made a promise and said, “This is the last request that Soin makes to His Majesty,” and took a step closer to Yi In. Yi In looked into his eyes, amplifying the suffocating tension. Soon, Dongsanggung carefully tried to kiss Lee In, whom he had loved for a long time, on the lips. Lee In was depicted holding the shoulder as if he was trying to accept Dongsanggung’s request.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter
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