Lee Dong-hae meets his ex-girlfriend Lee Seol again.
Lee Dong-hae meets his ex-girlfriend Lee Seol again.
'Man and Woman' Lee Dong-hae and Lee Seol go around and eventually meet.

In the 9th episode of Channel A's Friday drama 'Man and Woman', which airs at 11:20 pm on the 23rd, Jung Hyun-seong (played by Lee Dong-hae), who was preparing for a meeting ahead of a photo shoot collaboration, meets Han Seong-ok (played by Lee Seol), who is in charge of a jewelry brand, and Kim Geon-yeop (played by Yeon Je-hyung). ) is met.

Previously, while Hyun-seong was adjusting to social life, he took on a project with a jewelry brand at the suggestion of Winders CEO Park Jun-beom (Taek-ho Yang), which foreshadowed a meeting between Hyun-seong and Seong-ok.

Ahead of today's 9th episode, 'Man and Woman' revealed the images of Hyun-seong and Seong-ok finally meeting each other. Lee Myung-jin (played by Ki-hyeon Lee), who was conscious of Hyun-seong, shows jealousy when Hyun-seong announces that he is holding a concept meeting with a jewelry brand. Seong-ok and Geon-yeop arrive at Hyeon-seong's office and look nervous, not knowing that Hyeon-seong is at Windus.

Hyunseong immediately gathers his materials and heads to the conference room. She can't hide her embarrassment when she encounters Seong-ok and Geon-yeop. Geon-yeop was also surprised. After briefly exchanging business cards, he looked at Seong-ok next to him. Those who entered the meeting in earnest said that they were once again surprised by the projects Hyunseong and Seongok prepared, raising curiosity about the broadcast.

The production team of ‘A Man and a Woman’ said, “Hyeonseong and Seongok eventually meet through business. “It will be fun for viewers to see what will happen in the future for Hyun-seong and Seong-ok, who happened to collaborate, and what emotions Geon-yeop will feel between them,” he said. “It will also be interesting to see whether Hyun-seong and Seong-ok’s project will succeed without any interference. “Please show interest and watch.”

Episode 9 of ‘Man and Woman’ will be broadcast at 11:20 pm on the 23rd.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google