Hyun Joo-yeop, personality controversy erupted... “Have you had it as a broadcast date for three years?”
Hyun Joo-yeop, personality controversy erupted... “Have you had it as a broadcast date for three years?”
Park Gwang-jae and Lee Dae-ho, who are new members of Tobabs, are showing off their entertainment skills by performing a cheerful Tiki Taka with their eldest brother Hyun Joo-yeop.

In 'I Like Rice on Saturdays (Directed by Lee Young-sik)', which will be broadcast on the T-Cast E channel at 5 pm on the 24th (Saturday), the appearance of Tobabs in Osan, a paradise of unique restaurants, will be revealed.

One delicious thing after another, the members' expectations continue to grow as Osan's three tastes accurately defeat Tobabz's taste buds. The first menu will feature seolleongtang and braised beef, which go well with the chilly weather.

All members are excited about visiting a long-established restaurant that has been in business for about 83 years since 1941. Lee Dae-ho completes the order in advance in the moving car, saying, “In a place like this, one boiled pork and one pot for each person is perfect.”

The restaurant sticks to the traditional method of 'Toryeom', which involves pouring warm broth into an earthen pot several times and pouring it out, rather than boiling the earthen pot directly over a fire. Without hesitation, the members order one boiled pork per person, four pieces of boiled pork, and then wait for the menu with expectant expressions.

After eating 6 servings of boiled pork in no time, the members started sampling the main menu, seolleongtang, and exclaimed, “This is good medicine,” as they drank the traditional soup that preserves the old method.

Park Gwang-jae, who likes somen in seolleongtang, even added a bowl of somen to create a new menu item, ‘Seolleongtang Noodles.’ However, Hyun Joo-yeop, who only loves meat, only ate the meat, and this was discovered by his younger siblings.

Lee Dae-ho said, "Hyung, aren't you working?" and started the 'Joo-yeop chase', and Park Gwang-jae held up the somen that Hyun Joo-yeop left behind and looked at the food he left behind, saying, "Brother, should I ask you to package this separately?" Meanwhile, they even find out the leftover rice that was in the rice bowl.

Park Gwang-jae and Lee Dae-ho provoke the eldest brother by saying, "You're taking off the undercoat. Isn't this how you've been doing it for three years?" Meanwhile, Hibab, the best workaholic in the area, completes the perfect first meal by adding a pot of seolleongtang despite his uncles' fight.

Hibab, who continues to eat mukbang despite the cute bickering of his big uncles, can be seen on the Teacast E channel at 5 pm on the 24th (Saturday).

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google