Honey J's 9-month-old daughter shows off her dancer instincts just like her mother
Honey J's 9-month-old daughter shows off her dancer instincts just like her mother
In KBS2's 'The Return of Superman', Love shows off the talent she inherited from her dancer mother, Honey J, and model father, Jeongdam.

Episode 515 of ‘The Return of Superman’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Superman’), which will be aired at 8:55 pm on the 20th, is the ‘My Love, My Star’ episode and will be narrated by So Yoo-jin and Max Chang-min. Among them, Love constantly bursts into laughter at the division of labor and childcare of the MZ generation couple with mother Honey J and father Jeong Dam. In the midst of this, Love shows off her talent by keeping up with her mother Honey J and her father Jeongdam.

9-month-old Love shows energy and excitement just like her dancer mother, Honey J. As soon as Love plays her mother Honey J's dance video, she immediately reacts to the sound of the music and fixates her eyes on the screen. As Honey J begins to dance in the video, Love observes closely and dances to the rhythm with a smile. Soon, Love warms up his excitement by raising both hands and shaking them up and down, like a spectator enjoying a hip-hop concert. Accordingly, expectations are high for Love's cute groove, which will inherit Honeyje's talent and demonstrate its automatic dancer instinct.

Love visits the profile filming location of her model father, Jeong Dam. Love, who is taking family photos, is unfamiliar with the atmosphere of the filming set for a while, but begins to get excited as always by responding to the sound of Honey J and Jeongdam's singing. Instead of crying, Love looks straight into the camera lens with sparkling eyes and smiles brightly. The photographer said, “I really enjoy Love Camera. He admires Love, who boasts the DNA of Jeongdam, saying, “The blood of a model flows.” After finishing filming, Love holds her photo tightly in her hand and smiles with satisfaction as if she likes herself in the photo.

Lovely love, who inherited the blood of dancer mother Honey J and model father Jeong Dam, can be seen in episode 515 of 'Shoodol'.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google