Kim Jeong-tae, who was poor, “lived off my wife’s savings and insurance”
Kim Jeong-tae, who was poor, “lived off my wife’s savings and insurance”
Actor Kim Jeong-tae sheds tears as he talks about his wife supporting him.

Seo Hyun-cheol, Kim Jeong-tae, and Hong Yun-hwa, veterans of each field, will appear on the SBS entertainment show 'Single For Men Take Off Your Shoes', which will be aired on the 20th.

Kim Jeong-tae, who met his wife in high school and got married after dating for 19 years, reveals in detail his difficult dating life from the first time he met his wife. Kim Jeong-tae, who said that he was living off his wife's savings and insurance due to difficult circumstances at the time, said that he could not even propose to his wife, and was unable to continue speaking, appearing to shed tears, making people curious about the story.

Next, the episode of Seo Hyun-cheol, an 'event lover' who is serious about events, is also drawing attention, from a two-week long proposal event to secretly purchasing a new car for his wife and revealing it as a surprise at a car store. 'Single for Men' makes people laugh by showing an explosion of jealousy, saying, "If you're going to do this, open an event company," and "If you hold events too often, people will secretly look forward to it."

Hong Yun-hwa reveals a flirting technique that women only use in front of a man they like, saying that only by recognizing the other person's flirting can it develop into a relationship. In response, 'Single for Men' asked, "Why is that called flirting?" and "In our time, you had to bounce to flirt," and although they did not understand the MZ-style flirting method, they showed a desperate attempt to learn, making the scene a sea of laughter.

When asked, 'If I were to be reborn, would I still marry my current wife?', Kim Jeong-tae answered, "If I were to be reborn, I would like to be born in a better-off family than now." Only 'Single for Men' was interpreted differently, leading to a debate over 'divorced person VS married person.' The 'Single for Men' member wondered, "Why are we the only ones who got divorced to understand it differently?" To which Kim Jeong-tae said, "This is like the difference between a married person and an unmarried person," it is said that the scene was devastated.

‘Single For Men Take Off Their Shoes’ will be broadcast at 9 PM on the 20th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google