Yang Se-hyeong, '10.9 billion won building owner' "Father passed away from brain cancer"
Yang Se-hyeong, '10.9 billion won building owner' "Father passed away from brain cancer"
Comedian Yang Se-hyung reveals the story of how he became a building owner 20 years after his debut and experienced the thrill of success.

MBC's entertainment show 'Radio Star', which will be aired on the 21st, will feature a special feature called 'You Are Solo' featuring Bae Sang-hoon, Yang Se-hyung, Lim Woo-il, and Chambo.

Yang Se-hyeong, who transformed into a poet and took over the literary world, visits 'LAS' for the first time in a year and eight months. Yang Se-hyung only did comedy and broadcasting, but revealed his current situation, saying, “I am having an amazing experience after publishing a poetry book.” He is called ‘Sean of the comedy world.’ This is because all proceeds from the sale of poetry books are donated. It raises questions as to why she wanted to donate even her own money if her poetry collection didn't sell.

In addition, Yang Se-hyung analyzes the reason why he is called the representative 'love sewer' of the comedy world, so much so that he is called a 'love clean zone'. MC Yoo Se-yoon, who saw the poem about love in his poetry collection, praised it, saying, “It feels like it was written with the sensibilities of someone in their early 20s.” Kim Gura said he was curious about Yang Se-hyung's evaluation of the love poems of 'SNS poet' Jo Se-ho, who recently declared a public relationship, and attention is being paid to what kind of evaluation Yang Se-hyung would have made.

Yang Se-hyung said, “The day I got married was my father’s birthday,” recalling an anecdote with his father who passed away from brain cancer. The will that Yang Se-hyung said in his dream a few days after his father passed away is also revealed. Yang Se-hyung recited a poem expressing his longing for his father, creating a moving atmosphere.

He also reveals his past of living a fake life by wearing tall insoles to compensate for his short stature, the reason he gave up on insoles, and the reason he gave his manager an expensive watch as a gift, even though he saved money on himself. Also, regarding Yang Se-hyung, who recently experienced success by purchasing a building worth 10.9 billion won, Kim Gook-jin said, “I went to Dubai with Se-hyung, and the whole time we were there, we only looked at Dubai buildings.” Jang Do-yeon talks about people's reactions when Yang Se-hyeong becomes the owner of a building and becomes an issue, causing laughter.

Yang Se-hyung picks Kim Kook-jin as his 'life teacher' and draws attention by personally bringing an essay that Kim Kook-jin wrote in the past. He said that he managed to purchase the remaining volume of Kim Kook-jin's essays from a used book and introduces an anecdote about Kim Kook-jin's genius in the essay. It is said that when Yoo Se-yoon and Jang Do-yeon asked to borrow a book, Kim Gook-jin fidgeted as if he was embarrassed.

Poet Yang Se-hyung's past story and current situation as a building owner can be found on 'Radio Star', which will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on the 21st.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google