Park Seo-jin's younger brother explodes at his insomnia brother
Park Seo-jin's younger brother explodes at his insomnia brother
Park Seo-jin's war-like cohabitation life is revealed.

In KBS2's 'Men Who Do Housework Season 2 (hereinafter referred to as 'Salimnam')', which will air on the 21st, the war-like cohabitation life of Park Seo-jin's siblings unfolds.

On this day, Park Seo-jin will perform 'I Lived in Vain' along with a dazzling janggu performance in the studio. Cheon-soo Lee said, “The song is really good, but it stings a bit,” making Lee Cheon-soo laugh at the bone-hitting lyrics that could be worthy of being the theme song for ‘Salimnam.’ In addition, a live recording studio performance taking place at Park Seo-jin's house will be released.

While Park Seo-jin and Park Hyo-jung's month-long life began in the previous broadcast, the daily lives of real-life siblings continue. While looking at Park Seo-jin's books, Park Hyo-jeong discovers that there is no trace of studying even one of the problem books she bought as a set. Park Hyo-jung nags, saying, "You can just buy one book at a time. Did you study?" Park Seo-jin makes an excuse, saying, "It's cheaper to buy it as a set." The two people who were bickering eventually started a battle of common sense, and it is said that the studio was devastated by Park Hyo-jung's unimaginable answer.

Afterwards, Park Seo-jin, who is busy with her schedule, is unable to pay attention to her younger brother, and Park Hyo-jung, who is left alone at home, becomes increasingly helpless. Park Hyo-jeong's disappointment grows as she talks on the phone with her mother, who only cares for her brother. Conflict eventually breaks out between Park Seo-jin, who is sensitive due to a tight schedule and severe insomnia that she has suffered from for over 10 years, and Park Hyo-jung, who is saddened by the unfamiliar life in Incheon. In the midst of this imminent situation, Park Hyo-jung explodes, saying, "So, my brother has been single ever since. Don't live selfishly."

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google