Defconn made a 'remark that crossed the line'
Defconn made a 'remark that crossed the line'
Episode 4 of Channel A's life-friendly detective true story drama 'Detectives' Trade Secrets' reveals the true story of a mother who visited a detective because of changes in her 'borderline intellectual' son, also known as a 'slow learner'.

In 'Detectives' Trade Secrets', which will be broadcast on the 19th, the story 'Take Care of My Son' comes after the corner 'Case Notebook', which reconstructs real cases solved by detectives. The client in the case visited the detective agency, saying that his son, a 'borderline intellectual', was showing strange changes, such as turning away from him these days.

My son, a young man with 'borderline intelligence' who was not intellectually disabled but whose intelligence level was lower than normal, was living a healthy life, working at a cafe. However, due to his father's illness, his mother had to focus on caring for him, and hired a 'helper' to take care of her son. The client complained, “It seems like my son started to change shortly after the helper arrived.”

Upon hearing this situation, MCs Defcon, Yoo In-na, and Kim Poong shouted “Stop here!” and each began to guess the future developments. Kim Poong expressed his opinion, saying, “I don’t think my son committed the crime himself, and it seems like his helper is stealing my son’s money.” Yoo In-na said, “It could be that the helper is abusing my son.” In response, Defconn made a prediction that crossed the line, saying, “Isn’t the helper’s gaslighting... turning my son into a ‘plaything’?” The MCs shouted, “This has gone too far.”

Attorney Nam Seong-tae said, “The main character of the famous movie ‘Forrest Gump’ is also a borderline intelligent person, but he also unintentionally becomes a target of crime,” and was worried that his client’s son might become a target of crime. The detectives in 'Case Notebook' also had the same concerns and decided to first watch the son's daily life with his helper. And when a female helper who takes care of her son finally appears, Defconn, like a ‘dopamine detective’, says, “Huh!” “She’s a beauty,” he exclaimed, causing laughter.

A corner that reconstructs real events that seem to be disguised as 'love observation(?)', 'Take Care of Mom', the story of a mother whose son is a 'borderline intellectual', can be found on 'Detectives' Trade Secrets' at 9:30 pm on the 19th. .

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter
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