Honey J and Jeongdam, the division of childcare is clear.
Honey J and Jeongdam, the division of childcare is clear.
Honey J and her husband Jeongdam show off the MZ generation's clear division of childcare.

The 515th episode of KBS2's entertainment show 'The Return of Superman' (hereinafter referred to as 'Superman'), which will be broadcast on the 20th, is the 'My Love, My Star' episode and will be narrated by So Yoo-jin and Max Chang-min. Among them, Honey J and Jeong Dam show off their perfectly differentiated childcare system for their daughter Love, demonstrating the couple's philosophy that 'parenting is all about being together.'

On this day, Honey J said, "If my husband takes care of Love, it's the only moment I can be liberated because I can do what I need to do," and unlike the last time when I was responsible for Love alone due to my husband Jeongdam's business trip, there is someone who can help. Express joy in In response, Jeongdam shows the standard of a sweet husband by saying, “A married man has to do anything to survive,” and while Honey J comfortably cooks, Jeongdam feeds Love baby food, demonstrating a thorough division of labor system.

Above all, Jeongdam presents a scenery that could not be seen when Honey J was playing Love. Jeongdam held Love, took her on a sky swing, and played with her whole body, making Love's face burst into laughter with a variety of play methods, almost like an amusement park. In response, Honey J said, “I play with Love by hugging and talking a lot, but my husband is Love’s plaything,” and boasts about their specialized childcare skills.

On this day, Jeong Dam was busy taking profile pictures for her main job as a model, but she also showed love by feeding her baby food and not letting go of childcare. Accordingly, the MZ super couple, who mastered both work and childcare with a clear division of childcare, is attracting attention.

Episode 515 of ‘The Return of Superman’ will be broadcast at 8:55 pm on the 20th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google